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  • Stroll a short section of the Trans Canada Trail from Annex Park.
  • Cuttys are still out there this fall
  • Canoeing up at Island Lake
  • Explore the trails by bike
  • Get up high to see the full picture

Best ways to experience Fernie's fall foliage

The mountains are quite possibly nature’s definitive canvas.

The Canadian Rockies expresses the four very pronounced seasons it experiences by the vast colour palette painted across its face during the annual cycle. Whether it’s the soft winter whites that smooth the jagged headwall contours, or the glowing summer sunsets that illuminate the warm late evening July sunsets, no season in Fernie is the same

Escaping to the mountains during the fall is our undiscovered gem. The seasonal shift can start as early as the first week in September sweeping an iconic shroud of yellow and red through the landscape tickling retinas along the way.

Experiencing the fall foliage in Fernie is as simple as being outside. Our backyard is the Canadian Rockies.

1 – On Foot

You don’t have to pack for a day excursion to feel the tranquility and beauty of fall. Start at Annex Park and follow the crispy golden carpet of fallen leaves that pave the way along the Elk River all the way to James White Park. The route forms part of the Trans Canada trail, dubbed The Great Trail which when completed will join communities on all sides of Canada via 24,000km of trail.

2 – By the water

It’s nearly an all-year round activity in Fernie, but fall time offers some of the best fly fishing in North America. With the Elk River flowing right through town, it’s as easy as getting a licence and parking up by the river side.

3 – On the water

Take out a canoe and paddle the lake at Island Lake Lodge. As the sun dips behind Mount Fernie the beams intensify the treeline tones across the Lizard Range.

4 – Rolling on 2-wheels

The bike trails really open up revealing new lines previously covered by vegetation. Swine Flu trail on Mount Proctor is a local favourite for a quick ride one of the flowiest trails on the map. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a challenge, few are bigger than the epic Big Money. It’s a long grind up over the carpet of golden pine needles, but one made more bearable by the the milder autumnal air. From the top, it’s a tough call whether the view along the valley or the upcoming fast singletrack descent is the ultimate reward for all your labour.

5 – Up High

New life is breathed into all our popular summer routes. The trail to Mt. Fernie ridge will certainly feel like a different journey when you’re hiking under a canopy of golden aspen and birch trees. The aren't too many views of that can match the view from the ridge. Face north and you can peak over the backside into the true Fernie wilderness. That however is an adventure for another day.

6 – On your butt

Downtown doesn’t escape the colour explosion. With the Lizard Range in full view, and the historic architecture lining the streets, it’s difficult to not get photo to make the city folk back home jealous. And all that whilst enjoying a warm lunch and coffee from the deck.

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