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  • Sound Seed Meditation
  • Yoga Pose
  • Sunday • April 24, 2016
  • 2:00 pm - 4:45 pm
  • In Town

Join Ocian with SoundSeed Medicine Journeys and Ashley Dawn for the first stop on the 'SoundSeed Journey from Ocian to Ocean'.

SoundSeed Medicine Journeys can be described as a shamanic experience. Laying down, participants can go into a deep almost a trance-like state. Ocian begins with the soft sounds of the Koshi Chimes and the reminder to breathe while the body softens tension and finds relaxation. A moment of stillness brings in the crystal bowls in with the anticipation of the Harmonic Language through her beautiful voice. This Language speaks completely differently to each individual present depending on what the participant is ready to hear. The journey can last a full hour sometimes. Towards the end, the lyre or the pyramid is sounded over bodies to further the participants release or alignment of all aspects of being. Afterwards, there is integration and sharing time.

We gather on Sunday afternoon to remember the deep seeded language of movement and sound. We co-create a space together in a safe container and use the body's own vibrations as the oldest tool of medicine. Guided through the free expressions of each chakra, we make our way up the liberation channel from Root to Crown. We begin with movement, exploring the energy centers in soft guidance and full surrender. At the throat, we explore through toning our voices together and for the final two centers, we lay back and receive the tones of the crystal bowls, crystal lyre and crystal pyramid and journey deep while we allow for integration.

Kundalini Dance is an expressive movement practice for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. This practice does not require any previous dance experience. However, a desire to explore how to connect the spiritual and physical self, and the curiosity and interest in exploring personal transformation will definitely expand and elevate the experience. As you deepen into the dance certain keys will be offered to you to support you on your inner journey to open the channels that lead to experience freedom and joy,

Your liberation channel through each chakra will become excited by the marriage of breath work and movement allowing sensuality, playfulness, and softness to inspire confidence to express your inner authenticity and to discover courage to accept your own truth.

2:00pm Welcome, Set Intentions, Tea
2:15pm Kundalini Dance with Ashley Dawn
3:30pm SoundSeed Medicine Journey
4:15pm Sharing, Journaling, Closing

ABOUT YOUR HOSTESS: Ocian is an energy artist, visionary, community builder, and spiritual activist working with groups and individuals to create and share experiences that build a conscious, self-empowered, intentional community. Ocian uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work and utilizes wordless vocal and crystal frequencies to balance the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. She is a claraudient and is a channel of Source and the ancient Harmonic Language which is used to bring remembrance to the power of Self-Healing.

ABOUT THE CASTLE: The Castle on First is located in what was once a historic garage, converted into a four-­ story residential and commercial zoned building, modeled after a castle (with turret and all) in the heart of Fernie’s historic downtown. We are a community of leaders passionate about sharing our love for yoga, dance, fitness and other forms of movement in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

EXCHANGE VALUE: A sliding scale beginning at $16-$33. Please know these numbers are not to feel limited but rather to empower yourself to co-create in the exchange. What is this worth to you? What are you able to give? No one is turned away. Please message if these numbers don't work for you.

PLEASE BRING: warm movable clothes, journals, yoga mats, blanket, pillow as needed to create comfort for laying on the floor

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