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A Raveneye's view of Fernie - A Seasonal Perspective

Living, working, playing and flying in the Fernie area for nearly two decades, Raven Eye Photography has had the opportunity to see and experience the vast Rocky Mountains surrounding this spectacular location from many special angles.

Larch Gold - There are two very distinct fall colour transitions in Fernie.  It starts mid-September with the deciduous (leafy) trees changing their green leafs from green to yellow, orange and red.  Then in mid-October the larch trees change to a spectacular gold.

Autumn transitioning gracefully to winter. September and October's vibrant fall colours fill the valleys as the cooler temperatures start to bring snow on the peaks of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.  Winter truely starts to set in early November.

Looking northwest with Fernie below a hint of first light on the Rockies prepares many of us for the day to come while waiting for that first cup of coffee.

The higher up you go the endless peaks and valleys of the Canadian Rockies unfold before your eyes. A local helicopter tour can show you new perspectives. This view looks east with Fernie below.

The Lizard Range is a massive Rocky Mountain ridge line that dominates Fernie's western view point.  This photo, looking south, shows off much of Fernie Alpine Resort's terrain and the wintery and winding Elk River below.

A fresh blanket of snow layers Fernie neighbourhoods.  "20cm rule" in effect! Be sure to head up the hill earlier to avoid traffic and get to the lifts on time!

Up close and personal with the very frosty Three Sisters/Mt Trinity Mountain. A favourite full day hike when the snow has completely melted (at that elevation by late June/early July).

Winter's shorter days make for spectacular dark skies (when it's not snowing!). The village of Fernie Alpine Resort glows as groomers prepare the ski runs for the next day.

The Northern Lights are frequently visible on clear winter nights, just may just need to stay up later and hike up and away from the city lights.

Winter starts its slow transition to spring in March.  This photo shows Fernie in early June with the morning sun drenching town, Mt. Fernie, the Three Sisters and Mt. Procter.

Summer time is all about the outdoors and long sunny days. The day starts as early as 5am and goes as late as 10:30pm thanks to the high summer sun! This photo of a summer sunset on Morrissey Ridge looks west.

This is only a very small sample of what surrounds us, to see more check out our Fine Art gallery, and our gigantic Mountain Aerial Views gallery:

--Todd Weselake
--Martina Halik