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Capture Family Memories with Born to Adventure

Outdoor adventures are a great way to put aside the normal-ness of life and make fantastic memories. Pair your adventure with a professional photographer and capture that magic forever. Leanne from Born to Adventure tells the story of your family - the connections, laughter and special moments, all with the backdrop of the great outdoors and a fun escapade to showcase your family's uniqueness.

Fernie is full of amazing opportunities for family fun. Find a field for a snowshoe race or explore the forest on a snowshoe trail!

Gather for a quick snuggle as a family and capture a memory with ALL of you in it!

Connect with your children by building a snowman, making snow angels or in a friendly game of tag together.

Leave the kids to their snowball fight and we'll grab Mom and Dad for some pics together.

Hammocks = Summer, right?! Nope, for kids hammocks are entertaining whatever the weather, especially when paired with a fire and smores :)

Fernie also has lots of places to toboggan with epic views and is super fun for pictures. Connect with a local or ask at the Fernie Visitor Information Centre for the best places to check out!

A photo adventure could be an activity that you regularly do together or could be an opportunity to try something entirely new. The choice is yours.

Come to Fernie! Leave behind the sounds of civilization and replace them with the sounds of wild places. Connect with the people that are most important to you! The photos will be a priceless treasure and will help fantastic memories live on forever.

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