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Find Fernie on the Great Trail

The longest recreational trail in the world, the Great Trail offers a range of activities through a variety of landscapes embodying the vastness of our country and the diversity of its people. 24,000 kilometres of trails stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans link Canadians in close to 1,000 communities.

The Elk Valley Trail is just a slither of the Great Trail, with 198km of trail connecting the communities of Elkford, Sparwood, Fernie and Elko to the Cranbrook/Wardner Trail to the South and the High Rockies Trail at Elk Pass to the North.

The trail to the north comprises of the existing and recently upgraded, Old Stumpy and Coal Discovery trail
Elk Valley Trail connects Fernie to Elko, Hosmer, Sparwood, Elko with stunning singletrack

Elko to Fernie, BC

Distance: 68.5km

The Ancient Cottonwood Interpretive Trail winds through a grove of the world's oldest-known black cottonwood trees, with the most ancient dating back 400 years.
You'll be completely encompassed by mountain views as you arrive into the Montane area of Fernie.
The Monane Hut is a popular rest area with mind-blowing views of the valley and Fernie Alpine Resort.

Fernie, BC to Sparwood

Distance: 34km

The trail to the north is comprised of existing trails, namely the Kootenay Elk and Old Stumpy Trails which connect to the recently upgraded Coal Discovery Trail.

As you arrive into Hosmer you pass the old ruins of the Power House Building. You can also find the remains of the old abandoned coke ovens nearby.

The Coal Discovery Trail continues onwards to the neighbouring community of Sparwood.

You can see the an example of one of the 'World's Biggest Trucks' on display near the Visitor Information Centre at Sparwood. Though, now superseeded by newer and larger models, fleets of these goliath-sized transporters were formerly tasked in in mines around the world hauling coal, and other mining produce.

Sparwood to Elkford

Distance: 42.5km

From Sparwood, the Elk Valley Trail heads north along a mixture of gravel roads, double track dirt roads, and singletrack cross country trail.