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  • Griz Days Festival - Extreme Griz Competition
  • Griz Days Festival - Extreme Griz Competition
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  • Griz Days Festival Parade

Griz For A Day

On February 14th, I decided that I would enter the Extreme Griz Competition as part of the Griz Days Festival. Pancake eating? I love pancakes!

Axe throwing? My dad is a lumberjack. Relay racing? I have great cardio. I was ready! Unfortunately, I threw my back out two days before the Griz competition and spent the next few days frequently visiting the chiropractor and laying on the floor with my legs up.

The morning of Griz days I decided to sit it out, but headed over to the meeting place at The Community Centre to document the day’s events.

I arrived at the pancake eating competition in Griz wear, ready to be a spectator, when the Griz Competition coordinator assured me that I could take it easy if I still wanted to participate. Because I had a hankering for pancakes, I made the decision to enter and do my best.

From the get-go the motto of the competition was that we were all winners. We repeated this all day, reminding ourselves that even in -30 degrees Celsius we would all have one of the greatest days of our 2014 winter.

The events commenced. I came last in the pancake competition, last in the relay race, last in the axe throwing competition, last in the log throwing competition, last in the jeep pushing competition and dead last in the leg wrestle competition. I may not have finished last in the trivia, but despite my losing streak I was still having an amazing time.

We took a few breaks to warm up in the Griz Bar, and had a Griz sing-a-long in Kelsey’s before heading to the Park Place Lodge pub and the parade downtown.

In the end, Alex and Catherine were the male and female Griz winners. Alex for his second year in a row.

There was such camaraderie between the competitors and genuine support of one another.  I dare say that a Griz family was born.

Griz Days 2014 was one for the books. Great music, great community spirit and another reason it’s great to call Fernie home. The Extreme Griz competition really embodied the incredible spirit of the Fernie community and is what Griz Days is all about.

Sage McBride

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