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Watery Instagram of the Week - 29th July 2016

Every day, gets crammed with fantastic images & videos from your Fernie adventure - whether in town, amongst the trees, by the water, and on the mountain. 

It is yet another Long Weekend, and the forecast is looking good for B.C. Day on the 1st August. Looks like people have been in, on, and out by the lakes and rivers in Fernie all week. You share your shots with #FernieStoke, so we want to pay that forward by sharing our favourite Instagrams from you and inspire others to get outside this weekend.

Thanks for tagging your adventure with #FernieStoke. 

5: Fly Fishing on the Elk and Bull River

Dry fly fishing on the rivers around Fernie has been phenomenal so far this summer.  Our fly fishing feed is overflowing with new photos of your Cutty and Bull Trout catches from the day, making me jealous looking at them through my work laptop.

The weather is fantastic, the waters are clear - if you're new to fly fishing then now is the time to get out and learn.


Fly fishing lessons ?????????? #bullriver #britishcolumbia #fernie

A photo posted by Sally Reis (@sallyreis10) on

4: Camping by the Lake

I can't think of a better place to wake up, than being by a mountain lake view like this as shared by @taylormade over at White Swan Provincial Park.

Literally a few steps away to a crisp morning swim, paddle or fish. Lakeside camping is available in numerous places including; Kikomun Creek.

3: White water rafting

A raft of mixed emotions here from @markopolotaylor. White water rafting in the Lower Elk Canyon is by far one of the best ways raise pulses, and stay cool on a hot day. 


#whitewaterrafting doesn't really "do it" for me... ?? onto the next one #adrenalinejunkie ???? #fernie #yyc

A photo posted by Stanley Hartek (@markopolotaylor) on

2: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

The Stand-Up Paddleboard craze seems apparent everywhere at the moment - have you seen the new six person SUPSquatch yet? You will see people doing yoga on them on the lake, or wilder types taking it down rapids. If you've never been for a paddle, then this is a definite must. You can buy inflatable SUPs at Elevation Showcase, or alternatively, Gearhub does day rentals. They come with a pump and bag. I'd personally start on the flat water over at Maiden Lake, or Surveyor's Lake where you might see some Painted Turtles. Speaking of which...


SUP'ing and fly fishing. Do not attempt unless you're @mark11photography #flyfishing #ferniestoke

A photo posted by Jarrod Banadyga (@jbanadyga) on

...Painted Turtles @narn.org_89 at Surveyor's Lake


#wildlife #photography #turtle #ferniestoke

A photo posted by Narn's ?? (@narn.org_89) on

1: Waterfalls of Fernie

There are plenty of hidden treasures like Morrissey Falls scattered on the mountains around Fernie. One of the more accessible locations is Fairy Creek Falls on the base of Mount Proctor. 

As a celebration of B.C Day. Destination B.C and Tourism Fernie are hosting a free Instameet photo hike to Fairy Creek Falls. Spaces are limited and require you to Sign up

Have a great Long Weekend, and be safe out on the water. Thanks for sharing your adventure using the #FernieStoke hashtag.

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