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Toque & Canoe hike in Fernie

If you love Canada and haven't heard of the Toque & Canoe, you need to familiarize yourself. These two Canadian travellers and journalists are taking everyone on an adventure through Canada and you should tag along! From the "back of beyond" to civilization, just in time for happy hour.

Hiking Heiko’s trail

Standing atop a grassy saddle between the imposing hulk of Mount Bisaro’s limestone face and a trio of rocky spires on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies, I see no trace of civilization.

No airplane contrails mar the hazy, powder-blue sky. No cell phone towers puncture the tops of these forbidding peaks.

Alone in the wilderness, I smell pine needles baking in the summer sun and hear the shrill chirp of pikas carrying over the rocky escarpments that dot the high alpine. Between the warning calls of these small rodents, there is nothing but the soothing vacuum of nature’s silence.

If Fernie, B.C. has a “back of beyond,” Heiko’s Trail is it. Also called the Mountain Lakes Trail, this 20-kilometre day hike is arguably the best, and one of the most gruelling, in the region.

—Toque & Canoe

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