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  • Monday • January 9, 2017
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Begin 2017 with purpose; this flexible 5-day plan with coaching, classes, email support and recipes will get you on the right path! 

The perfect addition to your January ski vacation!

Nourish your body while detoxing so that you never feel deprived and always feel warm and nourished. Cultivate a clean system with delicious, nutrient and fiber rich soups and juices that cleanse as they detoxify and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Sign up and for five days together we take a break from; alcohol, processed food, sugar, pot, caffeine, heavy eating, dairy, and wheat.

This program is a comprehensive way to help your body purify itself by flooding it with active, living macronutrients, micronutrients, live nutraceuticals, and enzymes. Soups are essentially a "predigested" blend of foods already broken down, which allow the body to focus on healing itself and to make bigger strides in building strength. So much of our diet today consists of processed foods lacking an identified origin, which often contain chemical additives and preservatives. This accumulation of artificial ingredients has long been suspected to cause fatigue, weight gain, gastrointestinal distress, and other ill-effects impacting longevity. Thrive with 100% fresh and fiber-rich ingredients to fight these adverse effects.

Combine that with 5 days of Mellow Choices from the Essential Yoga menu to help get the toxins out and you will finish feeling fantastic! A Detoxing Diet combined with Yoga will create a week of food choices and physical exercise to keep the body clean and the mind sharp.

The commitment is designed to give you a 5-day routine to maintain your body more free of toxins and extra weight. This commitment to yourself will show you exactly how effective yoga can be while keeping you relaxed, enthusiastic, and stoked about everything else! Join us for one week and when you're done you'll feel refreshed, youthful, and ready to start again!

You will need some shopping for soups, teas and smoothie ingredients, a yoga mat and a dedication to making a change for the better. More details to follow once you sign up.


  • 5-class pass to use from January 9th-13th
  • One Life Coaching Session to help you set goals for 2017
  • An email each morning to keep you motivated
  • Menu Guide and Eating Schedule with Recipes
  • Lots of support and Love


Be one of the first 3 to sign up and win a free Soup Cleanse Book!  

Want to do the cleanse but need help with the food/juicing prep?  Email Master Juicer Maddy Alaric on and let her help! For $80 you'll receive 7 Juices and 3 organic nut milks.

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