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  • Thursday • January 27, 2022
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Jolene Miner: Paper Mountains

Show continues throughout February.

I’m crazy about paper. I’m enchanted by the delicacy and colour of origami paper, the weight and texture of Saint-Armand handmade paper and the transparent quality of lightweight mulberry. I get lost in the colourful piles scattered over my table. There’s an undeniable tactile quality to it that makes working with paper so pleasing.

I’m also fascinated by concepts like the flattening of planes, sharply defined colour areas and powerful line work, and I find myself delving deeply into collage in order to explore these ideas using paper.

Of equal importance to me is that evidence of the process and “the touch of the hand” is visible in every piece. This comes through the freehand cutting and layering of the papers. These are works shaped directly by my hand - by my intuition and my sense of play - and I want the viewer to be able to be a part of that experience through the imperfections I leave behind. I believe the story each piece tells is an opportunity for the viewer to explore and appreciate the creative expression possible through collage.

What better subject matter to explore these ideas than mountains? Mountains have layers and planes. They have powerful lines and large areas of colour. They’re the perfect building blocks to play with. I build my paper mountains using layers of vibrant patterns and rich textures, and each piece is an exploration of simplicity, freehand cutting and the partnership of colour and line. - Jolene Miner


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