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Coal Discovery Trail Logging - Summer 2016

Wednesday • August 3, 2016

Jemi Fibre will be logging north of Fernie along the Coal Discovery Trail during the next few months. Some parts of the trail will be temporarily blocked during this activity and falling trees will be a hazard. Stay away from the active logging and turn around before getting into a hazard situation. The FTA trail crew will clean up after the logging is completed and we will issue another bulletin.

Last week (July 13-17) Jemi Fibre was very active from Porky Blue back along the CDT about 2 kilometers towards Fernie. They will be working all the way back to the R Trail in the next few months. In places the trail will be cut off by roads and skid trails and covered with debris.

Jemi Fibre is working with the Fernie Tails Alliance to minimize the impact of their logging operations on their private lands (which is a Managed Forest for logging). They allow us to maintain and use the FTA trail system on their private lands but this could be compromised if hikers and mountain bikers do not co-operate during the active logging. We must avoid the active logging areas for safety reasons and turn around if you approach active areas.

The following bulletin has been issued by the FTA after we had a meeting with Jemi Fibre in Cranbrook and our board meeting on July 12th.

-Pat Gilmar

Jemi Fibre Vandalism – $2000 Reward

Jemi Fibre is currently logging on their private land in the Fernie area. You have likely noticed some changes to the trail network. The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been closely working with Jemi Fibre to make sure their operations run smoothly and cause little disruption to our trails. Jemi has been very observant of the amount of trail usage and is conscious of trail user groups. It’s rare in these circumstances that the logging area is open for recreational use whilst operations are in process. However, Jemi are keeping their land open so we can enjoy the trails. With this in mind, its upsetting and frustrating for the FTA, Jemi Fibre and other responsible trail users to find out that several criminal incidents have taken place, including vandalism towards Jemi Fibre’s machinery. Jemi has suffered significant financial loss as well as lost days of work.

FTA is offering $1000 for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the vandalism. Jemi has agreed to match us for a total reward of $2000. Please contact Julie Kelly with any information.

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