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How to Engage with our Social Media Channels

Thursday • May 5, 2016

How to engage with Tourism Fernie's social media channels

Tourism Fernie is active across a number of social media channels in order to market to consumers, and encourages Fernie’s tourism industry to get involved. Together we can raise awareness for Fernie, local businesses and tourism experiences, inspire consumers to visit, gather and share amazing photos and stories, and help answer questions about Fernie products.

Tourism Fernie’s consumer channels:

Working together helps our industry. This article will outline how you can play an active role in supporting our channels and the industry.

Our Hashtag #ferniestoke and the aggregator

Tourism Fernie launched the hashtag #ferniestoke in 2015 along with the social media aggregator We encourage everyone, from local tourism businesses, residents participating in tourism related experiences in Fernie and visitors to use the hashtag in all their posts. This allows for all those posts to be brought together under one channel at and a smaller selection on 

It is an amazing way to see what's currently happening in Fernie, the fun people are having and also allows for you to engage with those people directly via their post. This aggregator is moderated and the content is focused on quality posts that will inspire people to visit Fernie.


Tourism Fernie’s Facebook page has a passionate community of close to 29,000 fans who love Fernie and look forward to visiting. Our FB page is considered one of the top community destination pages in the province. Our community enthusiastically shares photos, seeks Fernie travel advice, and interacts on a daily basis. We share content daily, with a mix of original posts, partner content and user-generated content.

You can be a part of our community and raise awareness by doing the following:

  • Like us at – like us as an individual, and as a business page
  • Check out our posts regularly! Comment on, like, and share them directly from our page.
  • Join in the conversation in the comments. Consumers value this interaction.
  • Answer any travel-planning questions that visitors may have that relate to you.
  • Have an amazing photo? Post it on your channel and tag our channel! We’d love to see it! You may also post it directly on our wall.
  • Browse “Posts by Others” to comment on photos submitted and to answer questions asked by the community.


Tourism Fernie’s Instagram account has a following of over 4,400 fans including active photographers, both amateurs and professionals, as well as media and industry influencers. Every day, we share inspiring photos of Fernie and experiences that we curate from the #ferniestoke hashtag. We’d love to feature your great photo next!

You can be a part of our community and raise awareness by doing the following:

  • Follow us
  • Like and comment on our photos
  • Tag your Fernie photos with our channel handle (@tourismfernie) and #ferniestoke so we can reach out & request your permission to repost.


Tourism Fernie’s Twitter account has a following of more than 1,300 people. We regularly share photos and content from Fernie to inspire potential visitors; this is great content that can be shared on your own Twitter channels. We look forward to engaging in conversation with you!

You can be a part of our community and raise awareness by doing the following:

  • Follow us
  • Follow the hashtag #ferniestoke to find Fernie photos and content ideas
  • Retweet any of our tweets that may be relevant to your business
  • Share your Fernie photos & tweets by tagging them with #ferniestoke
  • Jump into the conversation by tagging us @TourismFernie. Give us feedback on the content we’re sharing, respond to any travel questions, or simply introduce yourself and say hello.
  • Look for opportunities to engage with visitors; if we tag you in a conversation with a visitor, it means we think they could benefit from your local expertise.

Wondering when to engage?

  • Photos and tweets about Fernie and activities to inspire consumers
  • Travel planning info for consumers
  • Blog posts and other consumer-focused content


YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing website. The Tourism Fernie YouTube channel currently features 58 videos and has more than 140,000 views.

You can be a part of our community and raise awareness by doing the following:

  • Subscribe to our channel at
  • Take a couple of minutes and look at what videos we have
  • See any videos of interest? Share them, like or comment on them.
  • If you have a great video to share, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at so we can include it!


Tourism Fernie’s Travel Blog is a great source of travel planning information and inspiration for visitors. We showcase local stories, experiences and helpful info from local businesses, partners, internally and area writers.

You can be a part of our community and raise awareness by doing the following:

  • Take some time to explore the blog
  • See a post you like? Share it to your social media channels (and don’t forget to use #ferniestoke)
  • Help us write a blog for our consumers!


Here are some important best practices and suggestions when interacting with consumers on our social media channels:

  • Social media is about conversation, not selling; if you focus on being authentic and helpful, people will be more likely to engage with you
  • Be sure to ask for explicit permission before downloading or reposting photos for your own accounts
  • Be human: it’s okay to have a sense of humour
  • Adopt a conversational tone that’s both friendly and professional
  • Be available to answer any questions; respond in a timely fashion
  • Leave comments on photos, videos and other posts that are relevant
  • Share content that’s inspiring and of interest to your consumers
  • At no point, should you try to spam, sell, or use corporate jargon as these comments will be hidden or removed on our pages (and it’s good practice to avoid doing this in general)
  • Visitors appreciate your engagement on social channels, your quick and helpful responses, and your willingness to share information on what makes Fernie so great.

Thank you for helping us to promote our products and experiences in Fernie! Have questions? Email us at




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