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  • Explore and connect with Born to Adventure
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  • Capture beautiful moments...
  • Explore and connect with Born to Adventure
  • Family adventures
  • Explore and connect with Born to Adventure
  • Hiking adventures
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  • Family adventures

Live a life less ordinary with Born to Adventure!

Born to Adventure was launched in 2014 as a way to combine three passions – love of the outdoors, family time and photography. Owners Leanne and Kent want to give inspiration and information to other families who believe in the value of raising children in an adventurous way.

This professional vacation and adventure photography service is inspired by the idea that beautiful memories need more than a smartphone selfie or an out-of-focus shot snapped by your six-year-old, your husband or a well-meaning stranger!

We all want creative and spontaneous photos without getting caught up trying to get the perfect shot. Born to Adventure can melt away that tension, and make you present in your moments. As a result, your photographs will be priceless and the best possible souvenir from your vacation.

  • Professional vacation and adventure photo experiences for families, couples, friend groups, solo adventurers and extended families. 
  • Unforgettable adventure experiences
  • Celebrate relationships – those timeless moments that are energetic, colourful and real.

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Pricing? All photo adventures are customised to your unique needs. Typical investments range from $700 - $2500. See more information on how to create memories that will last a lifetime. 



I think in photos. I see expressions, light, and moments of connection and beauty everywhere. I have this tension with wings and roots. I want to fly free, giving in to my wanderlust cravings. But I also love my roots in the Canadian Rockies and the home we have built here. Other things that make me smile? Eating wild raspberries. Long days of summer, dirty feet, tousled hair. Running on trails. Spending time with good people. Finding a new recipe that is a keeper.


I have a bit of a Peter Pan complex and never want to grow up. It helps to have my own kids and to work with kids - gives me an excuse to stay young! Adventures of my own are pretty awesome. But I also enjoy the challenge of putting myself in other's shoes, helping them to conquer fears and keeping them safe in the process of their own adventure discoveries.

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