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  • Clawhammer Letterpress
  • Clawhammer Letterpress
  • Watch the press in action
  • Linoleum is hand carved for each design
  • Clawhammer Letterpress
  • Clawhammer Letterpress

Custom Printing

As the name implies, the price for a custom job can vary quite a bit!  Letterpress printing gives your special project a hand-made feel that can’t be achieved any other way, and the costs are related to the time it takes to produce the piece, the type of equipment used, the quality of paper, and the creativity of the printing process. 

Clawhammer Press offers experience in custom jobs and specialty projects that range from hang tags for products, instrument labels, business cards, coasters, broadsides, poems, quotes, as well as wedding invitations and birth announcements. Ever thought about getting your upscale restaurant an upscale menu? What about posters for your band?

All quotes are customised to meet the client's needs. Contact now for details!

The Studio

As of 2019, Clawhammer Press has relocated to a new studio space at 1232 6th Avenue. Visits are made by appointment only

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