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Relaxation, fitness and wellness are an important part of life in Fernie, from a sublime spa day or yoga session to fun spin classes and wellness retreats - there’s no end to the 'you' options available.

Now more than ever it's important to take care of yourself. It may seem selfish to put everything and everyone on hold for your own needs but in the end the time taken to focus on 'you' will end up making everything and everyone happier–because now you are better, happier for doing so.

Fernie is a magical place. The dramatic Rocky Mountains surround this beautiful town known for its friendliness and laid-back vibe. The pristine Elk River flows through town which gives way to lush forests, scenic trails and an abundance of nature experiences. In winter, Fernie transforms into a winter wonderland of beauty and tranquility.

A getaway to Fernie simply to escape the everyday routine and focus on 'you', even just for a couple days, may be all you need. Make it a girls trip, a romantic wellness trip with your loved one or enjoy a solo retreat. Fernie equals wellness in so many ways.