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Watching the Solar Eclipse in Fernie

On 21st August, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun casting a shadow over much of North America as it moves coast to coast.

Whilst Fernie will be slightly north of the 'path of totality', it is expected that about 80-90% of the Sun will be obscured when it peaks at 11:31am. This partial eclipse will be a rare celestial event not to be missed.  

Where to watch the Solar Eclipse

Fernie Alpine Resort will be loading the Elk Chair at 10am giving you plenty of time to take the scenic route up to get comfortable at the Nature Bob's Interpretive Centre where there will be 50 pairs of Eclipse Glasses, and a pin-hole viewer. available to the public.

From Mount Fernie Ridge, look east and Fernie will be directly in between you and gradually dimming Sun From. This vista point is going to be a grand spot to witness the town getting plunged into a premature darkness. It is approximately a 2-hour hike to the ridge top. We recommend heading off by 9am to arrive in time for peak eclipse.

If a morning hike sounds a little strenuous for a Monday, there are plenty of green spaces around town with open views of the surrounding mountains. How about picking up breakfast to-go from downtown before rolling out a picnic blanket at Rotary Park, or Annex Park.

How to watch the eclipse

Looking directly at the Sun even during a partial eclipse is totally ill-advised and should never be done under any circumstance (After all, it is the most powerful source of energy in the Solar System) Scientists have advised that anyone watching the eclipse should do so only through authentic solar eclipse viewing glasses. Homemade filters and standard sunglasses will be inadequate and can cause blindness, or retinal burn if used. 


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