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  • Clothing that flatters
  • Slow fashion set to your speed
  • Ethically sourced fabrics from Kendor Fabrics in Vancouver, BC
  • Proudly designed and crafted in Fernie, BC
  • Stylish, urban design
  • Clothing for your body
  • Comfortable activewear for your lifestyle
  • Flexible creations for year-round comfort
  • Support Canadian with clothing from Untamed Fernie
  • Unique designs in a range of colours and styles

It’s about looking good, feeling great and doing it in a positive way that always makes you smile.

Untamed Fernie offers stylish clothing, designed and crafted in Fernie, featuring:

•  A wide range of inclusive sizes suitable for all seasons
•  Super soft, sustainably sourced fabrics from Kendor Textiles
•  Made-to order for best quality and fit
•  Slow fashion ethos designed to protect the planet
•  Flattering designs that cover your bum!



When the designers at Untamed couldn’t find what they were looking for, they made their own, and Untamed was born. Realizing that women of all shapes and sizes have body insecurities, Untamed clothing is designed to flatter, fit, and empower women in their shopping decisions. Untamed isn’t just a clothing brand that flatters, creates confidence, and makes you look good. Untamed is a way of being. It’s being in love with who you are, what you’ve got, and in charge of your life. 

The team at Untamed are proud to be part of the Slow Fashion movement; believing that affordable, good quality, fabulous clothing can also be good for the planet. Slow fashion is a movement focused on improving sustainability by challenging social cultures surrounding the industry and encouraging retailers and consumers to take a more ethical approach to fashion. As the industry continues to accelerate, and with it – its carbon footprint, there’s never been a more critical time to consider your purchase choices. Currently, 80% of all clothing produced eventually ends up in landfill sites.

The advantages of slow fashion are countless:

•  It lasts longer
•  It offers a unique style
•  It creates less pollution
•  It has less impact on society
•  It helps grow the local economy


Founder Emma Stevens attended fashion design school near Calgary and then moved to Fernie, British Columbia, where she started Untamed.  She loves creating clothing for everyday life, which is practical and comfortable but also fun, flattering and unique. Her designs are for the busy lady who wants to look and feel fabulous, have fun and celebrate who they truly are. 

She is passionate about keeping things local, helping the environment, keeping costs low, quality high, and helping women, no matter their body shape, fall in love with what they see in the mirror. Emma travels around western Canada, selling her unique creations at shows and festivals, spreading the word that there is clothing that actually covers your bum. (Pre covid - excited to return when safe).

Be Untamed. Proudly Canadian.

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