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Located in a beautiful heritage building in historic downtown Fernie, the the Fernie Art Co-op is a volunteer organization that provides a venue for local and regional artists to display and sell their work. 

Open 7 days, 10am - 6pm

For over 20 years, the co-op has featured a wide variety of media including original paintings, textiles, jewellery and accessories, photography, woodwork, pottery, soap, sculpture, home furnishings and fine art prints that portray the region and lifestyle of the Elk Valley and Kootenay Rockies. 

The Fernie Arts Co-op is a gallery operated by the artists for the artist in everyone! Co-op members take turns running the store so there's always an opportunity to meet and speak directly with featured artists. Many of the 40+ artists work in more than one medium. 

As of June 2024, working member artists include:

Anne Aitken Anderson – Painting, Printing, Mixed Media
Millie Barnett – Felting
Anita Braconnier – Photography, Leather, Mixed Media
Raine Bowman – Sculpted Paintings
Alice Byrne – Jewellery, Photography, Mixed Media
Sherry Chanin – Painting
Annica Collombin – Painting, Woodwork
Tyra Collombin – Painting, Photography, Graphic Arts
Sharlene Czeh – Painting, Jewellery
Marla DeBoon – Painting
Harman Delyea – Painting
Bev Delyea – Stained Glass
Helena De Jong – Pottery
Svitlana Dovganych – Jewellery
Carmen Dunnet – Candles
Ric Fedyna – Painting
Suzanne Gomez – Bath & Body Care
Megan Haeusler – Painting
Jamie Hide – Photography
Jackie Impey – Painting
Lori Kennedy – Fabric Arts, Mixed Media
Alexandra Kozak – Painting
Launstein Family – Wildlife Photography
Kari Lehr – Painting
Tathlina Lovlin - Pottery
Melanie MacVoy – Painting
Patrick Markle – Painting
Pat Moore – Painting, Batik, Mixed Media
Jolene Miner – Paper Creations
Janet Moore – Painting
Caroline Payne – Pottery
Tristen Perras – Jewellery, Mixed Media
Chloe Rothlin – Knitting, Clay & Fabric Arts
Mimi Sahlstrom – Painting
Erika Sowchuk – Woodwork, Mixed Media
Kathy Stead – Painting
Karen Tamminga-Paton – Painting, Mixed Media
Natallie Tretyak – Felting
Karin Wardle – Painting, Mixed Media
Ilona Webster – Jewellery, Mixed Media
Keya White– Painting, Mixed Media

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  • 572 2nd Ave, Fernie, BC V0B 1M0
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