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  • Elk Valley Trail - just a small slice of the Great Trail
  • Elk Valley Trail connects Fernie to Elko, Hosmer, Sparwood, Elko with stunning singletrack
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  • Elk Valley Trail section towards Elkford
  • Elk Valley Trail - just a small slice of the Great Trail
  • Hosmer Coal Ruins - Find it on the Elk Valley Trail
  • Elk Valley Trail - Sparwood Section
  • Montane section of the Elk Valley Community Trail
  • Singletrack trails make up the way of the Elk Valley Trail between Fernie and Sparwood
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The Elk Valley Trail is a 198-kilometre section of the Great Trail connecting the communities of Elkford, Sparwood, Fernie and Elko to the Cranbrook/Wardner Trail to the South and the High Rockies Trail at Elk Pass to the North.

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What is the Great Trail?

The longest recreational trail in the world, the Great Trail (aka. Trans Canada Trail) offers a range of activities through a variety of landscapes embodying the vastness of our country and the diversity of its people. 24,000 kilometres of trails stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans link Canadians in close to 1,000 communities.

How does the Elk Valley Trail fit into the Great Trail?

The Elk Valley Trail (EVT) is one of these links, connecting the Elk Lakes/High Rockies Trail to the Cranbrook/Wardner Trail. It is the gateway to British Columbia from the east. The EVT traverses over mountainsides and through the Elk River Valley while providing a combination of single-track, backcountry roads and existing community trails to create an impressive 198-kilometre, signed route.

The residents of Fernie, Hosmer, Sparwood, Elkford and the Elk Valley welcome trail users to enjoy the Rocky Mountains’ natural beauty. The EVT passes through private properties whose owners have allowed the trail to be constructed on their lands. Please respect this privilege and leave only footprints. The EVT is a multi-use trail and non-motorized.

Getting out on the Elk Valley Trail in Fernie

Heading South towards Elko

From Fernie, start at the Fernie Aquatic Centre Trail Hub on Pine Avenue. The Coal Creek Heritage Trail projects upstream, traversing the slope above the “Old Landfill”. It departs to the south and crosses Coal Creek at the River Road Extension bridge, then reestablishes itself as it joins the Montane Trail network. Follow the signage as you circumnavigate below Castle Mountain to end up on a long stretch, (8.5km) of recommissioned forest road. The newly constructed single track takes off to the left and makes its way 4.5km to connect with Cokato Road. One can return home on the road, or retrace your track on the trail to get back to Fernie.

Heading North towards Hosmer, Sparwood & Elkford

The trail to the north comprises of the existing and recently upgraded, Old Stumpy and Coal Discovery trail. You will cross many junctions for other trails exits, such as Deadfall Kushiest, Loose Change, and Porky Blue, however, stay on the trail marked 'Coal Discovery Trail. You will reach the Hosmer Ruins after 15km of cross country style singletrack trails.

Trail Section Distances

To Elk Pass/Alberta Border from Round Prairie 70km

From Round Prairie Upper Elk Valley to Mountain Walk 7.5km

From Mountain Walk to Elkford Kiosk at Fording Highway 2.5km

From Elkford Fording Highway to Line Creek Kiosk 18.5km

From Line Creek Fording River to Lower Elk Valley Road Kiosk 18km

From Lower Elk Valley Road to Sparwood Kiosk 6km

From Sparwood to Hosmer Kiosk 19km

From Hosmer to Fernie Kiosk 15km

From Fernie Coal Creek to Morrissey Kiosk 18.5km

From Morrissey Cokato to Elko Kiosk 35km

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