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  • Railyard Dog Park is a large off-leash dog area
  • Dog Pool added in 2023
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  • Railyard Dogpark is open all-year round
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The Railyard Off-leash Dog Park is free to use and is open all year-round.

The Fernie Pet Society manages the park, which features a paved trail network that runs throughout the fenced 10-acre property. There's plenty of shade along the way. Dog waste disposal bins with waste bag dispensers can be found throughout the park. For smaller dogs or owners working on recall exercises, there is a smaller fenced zone near the northeast end of the park.

A new dog pool has recently been added - a great spot for your pooch to cool off after running around. 

Located just two minutes off Highway 3. If you're passing through Fernie and your fur buddy needs to vent some energy, this is the perfect spot to take a driving break. You're also about 5min from downtown Fernie should you need to grab a refreshment or two before heading back on the road.

How to find the park

The Railyard Dog Park is found southeast of downtown just over the railway line. From downtown Fernie, cross over the railway crossing by Gearhub, and turn left onto a gravel path leading past the Fernie Skate Park. There is space for parking next to the Skate Park, and also at the northeast end of the park just off Ridgemont Avenue.

Dog Park Etiquette

  • Please remember to clean up after your dog. Waste bags and bins are available throughout the park and are managed by volunteers.
  • Watch your dog at all times at the park. This is your opportunity to set boundaries for your dog of acceptable behaviour.
  • Leave dog toys at home that your dog gets protective over, especially if they show aggressive signs of resource-guarding. This is a common initiator for an altercation between dogs.
  • Please be courteous to other dogs and owners, and exercise consent tests. If your dog is pursuing a less-willing dog, consider reining him or her back in for a moment to allow the second dog to decide if they want to play in this manner.

About Fernie Pets Society

The Fernie Pets Society is a volunteer-run charity dedicated to animal welfare and creating a pet-friendly and safe environment. Established in 2008, the Society provides assistance with lost & found pets, offers a subsidized spay and neuter program for cats, veterinary care for injured animals and is building a fenced off-leash dog park and accessible trail system.

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