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Silver Spring is a series of three stunning deep blue lakes lined by dramatic cliff faces linking to the Wigwam Flats.

NOTICE: Active logging on road to the trailhead.  Use caution. Yield to logging trucks. The road is rough, take your time, but suitable for 2-wheel drive vehicles. Limited parking. Do not park and block the road.

Silver Springs is near the town of Elko, a 30 minute drive west from Fernie. Read more below on directions.

Overnight camping is not encouraged at the first lake. Pack out what you bring in to leave this area in pristine condition. Please be respectful of other visitors, no garbage, loud music or parties. A new composting toilet was installed in 2022.

The hiking trail is a short day hike to see all 3 lakes. The first section from the parking area to the first lake is steep. The first lake is a popular spot for cliff jumping/swimming, kayaking and SUP.

The first lake has become iconic with cliff jumping, but if you're looking for a little more peace and seclusion you can take the lake trail towards the second and third lake. All three lakes are spring-fed and have clear water for good fishing throughout the summer months with stocked rainbow trout up to 3 lbs. A fishing license is required to fish in BC.

SAFETY: Cliff jumping is a risky activity, be very cautious of where you jump but also how you hit the water.  Injuries do happen, most injuries are from hitting the water versus hitting rocks.  Injuries happen especially off the bigger cliffs and it takes 911 time to respond.  The water is typically very clear to help see where the deep spots are. Never go alone and be smart and be safe. There is limited cell phone reception at the lakes.

Be sure to pack out anything you bring with you, this is a special place everyone wants to keep clean and undamaged. 

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 20 minutes/500m to the first lake (steep sections), 3.7km easy to 2nd & 3rd lake
Elevation Gain: 90m

PDF Info about Silver Spring Lakes

Accessing Silver Springs

Drive south along Highway 3 from Fernie towards Elko (approx. 30 km or 20 min from Fernie). Pass through the Elko Tunnel, and keep going to Elko. Turn left immediately after the train bridge in Elko (towards the Elko Sawmill). Travel the winding main road through the town. Please respect the local community and kids playing in the area, drive slowly and safely. Take the first gravel road, a left hairpin turn (River Road) after passing the last house.

NOTICE! Active logging and pipeline access on road to trailhead.  Extreme caution. Yield to logging trucks.

This gravel road will take you down across the Elk River Bridge. Travel 3 km along the road. There is a pull out between the 5th and 6th kilometre marker where you can park. Please park courteously and off the road, if parking area is full please return another time. The trailhead is located in the front corner of the parking area, it isn't signed.  Continue the trail up and left to the  cliffs area.  You can continue to hike the trail along the eastern bank to the next two lakes.

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