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That Mountain Life - Local Fernie Family in The Spotlight

It started in the fall of 2018. A local Fernie family with a strong passion for the outdoors and raising kids fully immersed in outdoor learning, adventure parenting and downright fun times. Add the desire to share their experiences and a budding skill of creating videos, shooting photos and posting stories you now have one of the biggest and fastest rising influencers on Instagram.



Welcome to the Leidums Family and their social media handle That Mountain Life as they film their family fun in Fernie, BC and the region. Parents Erich Leidums and Courtney Haeusler with their three cute and entertaining little kids, August, Luka and Adia have become a hit with millions of viewers. Be sure to watch their social media stories and adventures via Instagram and YouTube!

Fernie born and raised, August, Luka and Adia are big adventurers thanks to their parents.

The growth of social media consumption, especially during COVID-19 and the truly authentic and enjoyable content that That Mountain Life has been posting is evident in the numbers of their views and followers.

Erich's video of Adia, the youngest at 3 years old hit hearts and the press reaching trending views on CNN Videos and CBC News.

Adia's adorabe pep talk to herself featured on CBC News.

Be sure to keep watch for more family fun adventures and their adventure parenting philosophy with That Mountain Life!