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One of the few places in the world where chocolate is made directly from rare fine flavoured cacao beans. 

Beanpod is a true independent 'cacao bean to chocolate bar' manufacturer specializing in fine flavour chocolate products, including a range of Fernie chocolate bars, fresh artisan bonbons, pralines and truffles. Many of the chocolate bars feature locally or regionally sourced ingredients including Fernie honey & raspberries, and lavender from BC's Salt Spring Island- the inspiration for the award-winning 'Lavender Chocolate Bar'.

Stay and savour the creations! Beanpod also roasts their coffee and serves speciality coffee and hot chocolate.

In the summer, a variety of gelato flavours and handmade macarons are also available.

Comfortable couches are the perfect place to watch the chocolate-making process in action through the giant viewing window.

About our process:

We work with farmers in Central and South America who grow, harvest, ferment and dry fine flavour cacao beans. We import these cacao beans directly from plantations to our manufacturing plant in Fernie, BC where they are sorted, cleaned, roasted, winnowed and broken into smaller fragments called nibs. 

Nibs are then loaded into our red 1948 granite melangeur (called Minny) and gently crushed for 1-3 days, depending on the recipe used and the desired texture of the finished chocolate. It also promotes the gentle release of specific chemicals which is important for flavour development. Our red refiner is often used to produce 'Fernie flakes' which are crushed cacao beans and sugar. They are delicious and used in several products, including our hot chocolate. We then accelerate flavour development in our 100+year-old brown conche, which heats, stirs and aerates the chocolate allowing the natural flavours contained within each cacao bean to be released. This conching process can take 60-72 hours and it's only finished when the Master Chocolate Maker says it tastes just right. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Imagine taste testing warm chocolate on the hour, every hour, for 3 days...

The chocolate making process finishes when the chocolate is turned into large blocks of chocolate called couverture. These old fashioned techniques allow us to develop different flavours of couverture for specific ranges of products, without adding anything to it. Couverture is the raw material that a chocolatier, or a baker, purchases. Couverture is then melted, tempered and moulded into various finished products (such as bars and lollipops) or used to cover bonbon, praline and truffle centres. 

These products are then individually checked for quality before being wrapped and packed immediately to preserve freshness, ready for you to enjoy!

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