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Castle Rock / Mountain is located along the Morrissey Ridge and is part of the Flathead Range of the Canadian Rockies.

You'll often see the cliff face of Castle Rock glowing orange as the sun sets in summer.  The panoramic views from Castle Rock span out across the valley span, with the Continental Divide also visible on the horizon on a clear day.

Difficulty Level: Difficult
Elevation Gain: ~500m
Average Time: 5-6 hours
Length: Approx. 14km return

Don't forget to pick up a Fernie Trail Map before your hike. 

Please note: These multi-use trails are also used for mountain biking.

Hike Details

This hike starts off pretty mellow and progressively gets steeper. The beauty of it is there are so many viewpoints along the way, any point you reach is rewarding. Roots Trail eventually joins with Hyper Ventilation Trail. Follow Hyper Vent, and continue to climb up through the forest and via the numerous switchbacks. Soon you will reach the first lookout and bench. From here, it’s a few switchbacks before you meet up with Southern Comfort, that can take you to the base of Castle Rocks. Once here, take a left and walk the last steep pitch to Castle Mountain’s rocks, a very worthwhile pinnacle. You can also shorten the hike by not taking Southern Comfort and just continue on Hyper Ventilation to the top viewpoint. Take the same trails back to your starting point.

There are no places to refill water on this hike. Be sure to bring enough for the hike.

Trailhead Access

You can start this hike from 2 different location.
Option 1: Start at the trailhead located on Montane Parkway. From downtown take 4th Street across the train tracks, then turn right on Pine Ave. Continue past the Fernie Aquatic Centre and the small bridge over Coal Creek, then turn left onto Montane Parkway. The trailhead will be on your left with ample parking and a porta potty.
Option 2: After passing the Fernie Aquatic Centre turn left onto Coal Creek Road and drive for about 2km until you pass the River Road bridge. There’s a parking lot on the right side of the Coal Creek Rd. Cross the bridge on foot and follow the Trans Canada Trail until it connects on to Montane Blue. 

This is a multi-use biking and hiking trail so please be cautious of other trail users and be loud for bikers and wildlife. You'll be crossing two backcountry roads on your ascent. From here follow it up "Hyper Ventilation" trail to the summit viewpoint bench.  Prior to reaching the summit bench on Hyper Ventilation, there is a trail for Southern Comfort/Castle Rocks heading right that you can take a side trip to another viewpoint. This would add approximately an hour return hike. Head back down Hyper Ventilation and Roots trail to go back to the starting point.

As with any trip into the backcountry be well prepared for changes in weather. Remember that you are traveling in an area where wildlife is abundant. Be aware of your surrounding, be loud, follow the proper safety protocols and respect the environment. There are no options to refill your water along the hike, so make sure to pack enough and some snacks too.

Current Trail Conditions

Trail conditions reports are powered by TrailForks app through information contributed by local and visiting hikers. Please feel free to add and update the trail report if you have completed the hike recently.

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