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Earth's Own Naturals

Last updated January 2022

We invite you to come in and be curious!

Our Fernie store is designed in a welcoming and educational format. Discover what’s behind those opaque windows and chat with our friendly staff. 

- Pam Peter / Manager / Earth's Own Naturals 

At Earth's Own we are excited to invite you to see and learn! Canada legalized Cannabis in 2018 and we are open to everyone 19+ whether it be for fun or to enhance your life.

Our large beautifully-designed retail space makes you feel at ease. Clients will feel comfortable with their own personal space to shop which meets social distancing measures of COVID protocol.

Many of our clients choose to shop at Earth’s Own Naturals for the following reasons:

- The beautifully-designed space makes you feel welcome
- Fun vibe: we always have great tunes playing and knowledgeable budtenders to answer any questions you may have
- A discreet location to purchase cannabis products as our front door faces 8th Avenue
- The Educational format of the store: the more educated we are about cannabis the more the stigma will fade
- We focus on the positive aspects of the plant
- We support and respect those who desire discretion
- Everyone is welcome!   19+ that is!
- A regulated environment instead of buddy down the street.

We have installed plexiglass around the cashier and marked the floor at 6ft intervals so that everyone can feel confident in our surroundings throughout the pandemic.

Because there are over 6000 strains, it’s difficult to know all aspects of every strain even if you have been a long-time cannabis enthusiast.  We have seen so many people improve their quality of life through this amazing plant. We believe that no two people are the same and we’re all trying to develop the formula for a great life - to find our Own Natural.

To enhance the customer experience and knowledge, for the flower section, we have strains listed by category along with individual strain cards laid out showing details such as taste, THC & CBD% and overall effects. This allows our clients to browse and learn about the products at their leisure or have our trained budtenders guide them to their desired effect.

Alternatively, you can visit to click and collect to maximize efficiency and reduce time in-store. We understand that stigma still persists around cannabis. 

Our large parking lot means even if you are driving through Fernie in a large RV or pulling a trailer, we have space for you.

We welcome you to come by for a visit or learn more online at