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Keeping the brain sane in May

As nature’s palette of green gradually reclaims the landscape from the Griz's wintery grip this May. It's a sign that ski season is over for now. You may be wondering what to do while the snowpack melts and recedes up into the alpine.

Winter and summer may be the popular times to travel, but that doesn’t mean our quieter shoulder seasons any less of a stunning time to visit. Here’re are some ideas for what to do this Spring to stay active and beat the post-ski season blues:

Raft the Elk River

Some of the wildest days paddling the rapids down in the Elk Canyon happens now courtesy of the spring snow melt. Have a solid breakfast - substantial but easy to keep down, for you'll be rafting into some of the biggest waves of the season.

Photo: Mountain High Adventures

Golf Season Opening

The opening weekend at Fernie Golf & Country Club happens in early-May. Having spent a large part of the winter dormant under snow, the greens look rejuvenated which is more than what we can say about our putting...

Photo: Matt Kuhn

Wash away your tension

If like us you've had a strenuous winter, worked and played hard, and now you've finally filed your taxes (you did file your taxes in time, right?). It's probably time to soak in some chill time away from city life stresses.

Photo: Spa 901 by Matt Kuhn

Yoga In The Mountains

If you're going to have a down day, do it the best way possible. Relaxation, fitness and wellness are an important part of life here in Fernie, with yoga perfectly balancing out the active lifestyle of the local 'Fernite'.

Photo: Essential Yoga Studio by Matt Kuhn

Spring Hikes

Town level trails like Fairy Creek Falls are one of many trails free of snow and accessible without snowshoes. Exploring on foot is by far one of our favourite ways to absorb the spring transition in action.

Photo: Vince Mo

Escape the crowds

If the peace and quiet of the outdoors is what you're after, then now is a great time to get out and sleep under the stars. Main campsites like Kikomun Creek by Lake Kookanusa, or Fernie RV Resorts under Mount Proctor are open now and not busy with summer crowds.

Photo: Lake Koocanusa by Matt Kuhn