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Rafting the Elk River & Canyon

Splash out on an adventure of epic proportions - the Elk River goes from mild to wild on the lower stretches and is the perfect setting for a white water smack-down!

Canyon Raft Company runs the gauntlet daily; we joined them for a day of big rapids, thrill-riding and white water paddling. 

The Elk River starts in Elk Lakes Provincial Park near the Continential Divide in the Rocky Mountains and continues south through Elkford, Sparwood and Fernie then southwest until it flows into Lake Koocanusa.  This freestone river is popular for all river sports, especially rafting, SUP, kayaking and fly fishing.

It looks like a movie set but this is the real deal. Their full-day guided white water trip is for ages 8 & up and starts with a hike down to the river for the official orientation before getting right into level 2-3 rapids to warm you up as you cruise along side big rock walls.

Just the first section of rapids makes everyone feel like a champion as they emerge victoriously and keen for the next one.  But don't fret there are nice mellow sections along the tour to take in the views and local wildlife.

Black bears, Big Horned Sheep or Mountain Goats can be one of the local wildlife inhabitants that shows up, but you are more likely to see birds of prey such as Bald Eagles and Osprey.

There are no roads or trails along this stretch of river, but as a famous doctor once said..."Roads? Where we're going we don't need...roads." - Dr. Emmet Brown

No doubt the ultimate summer activity, white water rafting is not just a totally exciting and fun adventure it's great for friends and family to just let loose and get soaked!

The Elk River Canyon is one of epic beauty and down-right thrilling (especially in higher water season of June). Your guide will prep you as you'll be navigating through the biggest rapid on the river.

So...hang on and try not to loose your paddle in the "oh cra_" moment.  Trust me it's so fun and gets the heart pumping.

Some like it so much that they'll try to paddle back up and surf the big wave! 

In between the rapid in the canyon is the "dare you to do it!" cliff jump.  Luckily there are a few options to jump from so you can opt out of the highest point.

Back in the seat guests have become so comfortable with the river that the fun really starts!

This group had so much fun they wanted to really show it! We love providing one of the best white water adventures in BC and of your life! For the experience you’ll never forget, take the full day trip on the Elk. Find out more here

Photos courtesy of Canyon Raft Company