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Things to look out for this Griz Days Festival

Griz Days takes place the first weekend of March. Fernie locals celebrate the Griz every winter to bring epic pow to Fernie!

The annual Griz Days Festival is traditionally Fernie’s biggest winter event, encompassing the entire community.

Who is the Griz?

The Griz is the man that brings Fernie's epic snow. Legend says the Griz was born back in the year 1879 amid a cruel and bitter winter in a grizzly bear’s cave high in the mountains. Sometime later the resident bear awoke, mean and ravenously hungry. A terrible duel of the two mighty figures ensued between the two – one fighting for his life and the other for his dinner.

As the story continues, the town’s people went into the mountain that very next day to discover the source of all the noise from the previous night. They looked high and low on the mountain, then known as Snow Valley. Once one of the men thought he saw a little boy wearing a bear coat and hat nimbly leaping from rock to rock on the lofty peaks. His friends all laughed at him and jokingly accused him of seeing things, and the incident was soon forgotten.

In recognition and admiration of the man who became known as “GRIZ”, the town’s people held a festival all week. Sporting events, competitions, parades and gatherings marked the gala week. The citizen who best embodied the spirit of “Griz” through that week was made honorary Griz for the rest of the year. To this day this festival continues every March in tribute to our powder king. The best powder and packed snow conditions in the west also continue to blanket our mountains.

Griz on the Mountain!

If you're out skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort, come find the Griz and get a photo with him.

Extreme Griz Competition

Competitors will be battling each other over a number of challenges for the title of Extreme Griz Champion. Fancy your chances of taking the crown? You can learn more about how to take part in this fun contest here.

Snow Golf at Fernie Alpine Resort

There'll be heaps of wacky events happening around town such as Snow Golf over at Fernie Golf Club. It begs the question, are we still technically putting on a 'green' or a 'white'?

Raging Elk Dummy Downhill

A huge highlight of Griz Days festival, the Raging Elk Dummy Downhill features imaginative & hilarious "dummies" on skis launching themselves off gigantic jump beside the Timber Chair at Fernie Alpine Resort.

Griz Days Baby Crawl

Never too young to get involved in the Griz Day Festivities! Baby Griz Crawl is back by massive demand! See if your little one has their Griz crawling skills up to the task. Prizes for best dressed Baby Griz and race participants!

Griz Days Bed Racing

Another Griz Day classic. Bed Racing is literally as it sounds. Team of five drag race head-to-head to find Fernie's fastest bed. It sounds ridicoulous now we think about it, and that's because it is! Theme and dress-up for your team in strongly encouraged!

Hot Wings Eating Competition

No egos, no talk, just brave soles taking on the spiciest hot wings the Fernie Taphouse can muster. Survive to the end and you earn bragging rights until next Griz Days. Oh, and remember not to rub your eyes when you have greasy hot fingers.

Lumberjack Show

This show has become a tradition at Griz Days and is still a long-standing favorite for locals and visitors. Come check out the lumberjack skills at one of the two shows on this Saturday.

Live music at Griz Days

There'll be a whole host of live performers and entertainment on stage at Station Square throughout the course of the day. This year's main act is Ten02.

Griz Days Parade

Crowds line Fernie's Historic Downtown end to end as the themed floats making up the Griz Days Parade works it way along 2nd Avenue.

Griz Day Fireworks

Griz Days closes up its Saturday schedule with a dazzling fireworks display at Station Square

Griz Days takes place this year on March 3rd - 5th 2023. We'd love to see your Griz Day Festival moments so please tag with #ferniestoke on your posts and stories.