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Whether you’re working a ski season, enjoying a well deserved, long-term holiday or looking to rent before buying property Fernie has a range of options to meet your needs.

Fernie has many different types of rental options including furnished and unfurnished, houses or apartments, rooms for rent or townhomes and more. Finding rental properties can be a tedious task especially during the fall season when many are looking for places during the winter ski season. You can search on your own or work with a professional property manager to help you find a place. Below is a link to services and sites to help you find your place to rent while in Fernie.

Community websites posting available rentals:

Facebook Page - Fernie BC Renters Forum - Homes for Rent Forum - Rooms for Rent




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  • Fernie Facts & Info
    • Fernie is in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.
    • Fernie is 3 hours from Calgary, Alberta, the closest big city and international airport.
    • Fernie is a 25 minute drive from the Alberta border and 45 minutes from the USA border of Montana.
    • Fernie is a hailed as an amazing place to live with its long standing community, friendly people, vast recreational pursuits, rich culture and beautiful scenery.