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Looking for a place to live in Fernie for the season, a year or longer?

Fernie typically has limited rental properties available but for those that make the extra effort and connect with locals places to rent can be found. A variety of rental options including furnished and unfurnished, houses or apartments, rooms for rent or townhomes and more can be available. Finding rental properties can be a more tedious task during the fall season when many are looking for places for the winter ski season. You can search on your own or work with a real estate company to help you find a place.

Rental Accommodations

Check out resources and websites below to help you find your place to rent while in Fernie. Searching Facebook's Marketplace is also a way to find availability.

Facebook Page - Fernie BC Renters

Facebook Page - Fernie Properties for Rent Forum - Homes for Rent Forum - Rooms for Rent

Range Property Management

Renting in Fernie

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  • Fernie Facts & Info
    • Fernie is in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.
    • Fernie is 3 hours from Calgary, Alberta, the closest big city and international airport.
    • Fernie is a 25 minute drive from the Alberta border and 45 minutes from the USA border of Montana.
    • Fernie is a hailed as an amazing place to live with its long standing community, friendly people, vast recreational pursuits, rich culture and beautiful scenery.