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  • Marijuana is legal in Canada - Know the laws around it

Marijuana is now legal in Canada

Saturday • October 13, 2018

Non-medical cannabis, aka marijuana, became legal in Canada as of Wednesday, October 17, 2018. Know the laws and regulations.

There are strict laws and regulations around the legalization of non-medical cannabis. Before you buy or use marijuana, learn more about what’s legal and what’s not.

  1. You must be 19 years or older to buy, possess or use cannabis in British Columbia. Adults are defined in BC as those 19 years or older. Edibles and concentrates are still illegal.
    1. BC's Cannabis Control and Licensing Act
  2. You can only buy cannabis at private or government-run shops and online. There are no locations open yet in Fernie that legally sell non-medical or recreational cannabis, however a new local independant business called STICK & STONE hopes to be open by the new year.  It will be located on the corner of 7th Ave & 9th St.
  3. Adults can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in public.
  4. Residents can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household. There are rules for growing cannabis at home. It is illegal for a resident to sell the cannabis they grow.
  5. Smoking and vaping cannabis is allowed in most public spaces where you can smoke tobacco (cigarettes), however local governments can further regulate cannabis and private property owners/businesses can determine additional policies and rules as long as the federal, provincial and local regulations are adhered to.
  6. Smoking and vaping cannabis is not allowed in the following public places:
    1. Playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, swimming pools and spray pools, or any decks or seating areas associated these places
    2. Public buildings, workplaces, or common areas of apartments, condos, or dormitories, and within six metres of air intakes, windows, and doorways attached to these places
    3. Within six metres of bus stops, transit shelters, train stations, ferry docks and similar places
    4. Regional and municipal parks, except for designated campsites
    5. Provincial parks, except for areas identified or designated
    6. Public patios
    7. Health board properties, except in designated smoking areas
  7. Campers in National Parks can smoke or vape in their campsites.
  8. Just as you cannot drink and drive, you cannot smoke or vape and drive. Drug-impaired drivers will face serious consequences, like fines, licence prohibitions and jail time. Impaired driving is illegal.
  9. It is illegal to take marijuana across the Canadian border. It doesn't matter whether you're leaving or entering Canada, or what the laws of your destination are. You can fly within Canada carrying cannabis (max. 30 grams).

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