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  • Northern Lights over Fernie - 28th Sept 2017

Northern Lights dance over Fernie

Thursday • September 28, 2017

Huge geomagnetic storms from the Sun passed through the Earth's atmosphere last night triggering spectacular sightings of the Aurora Borealis.

When solar activity is high it is not rare for an emanating green glow from the northern horizon to be visible from the city of Fernie. Higher magnitude geomagnetic storms reported to be of a 'G2-class' are more uncommon. Photographers captured the celestial phenomena as columns of light pulsated behind Mt. Hosmer, Mt. Proctor, and the Three Sisters.

Mark Locki @marklockiphotography

Vince Mo @findingvmo


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Mike Cotton @mikecottonphotography


So erm... this blew my mind last night.

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