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RDEK Area A Sustainable Tourism Project

Thursday • July 28, 2022

The RDEK Area A Tourism Sustainable Management Project started in 2021 as a result of outcomes from Fernie's Tourism Master Plan launched at the end of 2020.

Fernie and the surrounding Regional District of the East Kootenay Area A region (view PDF map of RDEK) has continued to see growth in both tourism and recreation over the past decade and longer. This growth in use of area trails, lands, lakes and rivers is creating a variety of needs and opportunities for improvements along with challenges that need a collaborative effort to address for long-term success and sustainability. This growth in participating in outdoor activities had further increased during the pandemic.

Led by Tourism Fernie, the Project, supported with seed funding from RDEK thanks to Area A Director Mike Sosnowski, combined data from the Tourism Master Plan and additional feedback from Area A & B residents and key stakeholders to develop immediate priority actions to help improve and sustain:

  • key front and backcountry recreational and tourism assets
  • the safety and quality of life of residents
  • the visitor experience
  • the area’s natural heritage

A three year budget and action list was created in early 2022 valued at over $800,000.  Funding for the full budget was sourced from multiple avenues and as of spring 2022 was successful.  Funders include RDEK, TECK, Columbia Basin Trust, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, Canada Summer Jobs Program and the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative.

The action list includes:

  • Signage, communications initiative to support safety, education, user etiquette, natural interpretation and sustainability at all key locations
  • Development of the AmbassadorWILD Program
  • Elk River access improvements at Morrissey, Elko, Olson Pit
  • Installation of both a composting and pit toilet at Silver Springs
  • Heiko's Trail and wilderness camping enhancements
  • Trail counter data program and wildlife camera program at specific locations
  • Efforts to improve Hartley Lake Road safety
  • New trail access to Ammonite

For more information please reach out to Tourism Fernie.

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Information & Media Inquiries:

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Tourism Fernie


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