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Tourism Fernie 5 Year Strategy - Going to 3%

Monday • July 15, 2019

Tourism Fernie has developed a new 5 Year Business Strategy for the purpose of applying for a 1% increase in Fernie’s current 2% MRDT (hotel tax).

This decision is a result of a motion made by Tourism Fernie’s Board of Directors and objectives within the 2019 Strategic Plan and the draft Tourism Master Plan, currently in its final stages of development.  This plan has been informed through a combination of a review of the previous five-year business plan which was developed in 2016, identification of industry trends and opportunities, and industry stakeholder consultation and engagement sessions.

This plan was submitted to the Province on July 17th.  The local 2% MRDT is expected to change to 3% during the first quarter of 2020.

2020-2024 5 Year Strategy





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