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Don't miss out on Fernie's Fall Season

The mountains are nature’s canvas.

Foliage becomes a shimmering sea of umber, magenta, copper and primrose as fall casts its net across the forests. Bright white snowfall contrasts the jagged contours of the surrounding peaks and headwalls. Winter is coming, but before she disappears under her blanket of white, Mother Nature has a little show to share. 

The call of the mountains is strong in Fall. The seasonal shift can start as early as the first week in September as bright greens and browns become shades of copper and gold, dusted in sparkling white. 

Here are six ways to make the most of the spectacular views: 

1 – On Foot

Start at Annex Park and follow the golden carpet of fallen leaves that pave the way along the Elk River all the way to James White Park.

2 – By the water

Fall offers some of the best fly fishing in North America. Float or walk the smooth flowing clear waters and relax amongst the whispering cottonwoods and watch local wildlife settling in for winter. 

3 – On the Water

Take out a canoe and paddle the lake at Island Lake Lodge (available until Oct 9). The contrast of mountain lake and high alpine are a feast for the senses. 

4 – Rolling on 2-wheels

Catch a glimpse of the town below between the trees from the trails on Mount Proctor, a great location to capture the whole valley as the vegetation begins to thin. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a challenge, few trails are more exhilarating than epic Big Money.

5 – Up High

Cool autumn air and vibrant autumnal colours make trail hikes a joy in Fall. As the foliage leaves the trees, the views become more and more enchanting. 

The trail to Mt. Fernie Ridge will certainly feel like a different journey when you’re hiking under a canopy of golden aspen and birch trees. From the ridgeline, 360º views of the Canadian Rockies are the perfect reward for the strenuous climb.

6 - At your leisure

Historic Downtown Fernie glows in shades of rose and gold. With the Lizard Range in full view, fall is the perfect time to take in the view and plan your return for winter.