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Abstracts & Outdoor Thoughts. A collection of creative experimentation in bold colour.

Show continues through November. The Arts Station is typically open 10am - 3pm weekdays, however hours may vary.

In this, her third Arts Station collection, inspiration comes from nature and from the appeal of landscapes in art. Recreating these ideas in more abstract form create compelling images. This diverse range of contemporary works is an opportunity to show our community a modern interpretation of our outdoor surroundings.

Peggy has explored a variety of mediums to express her inspirations; acrylic, watercolour, alcohol ink and mixed media. Her contemporary artworks are achieved through simplified design and subtle colour pallets. Clean, contemporary frames result in works with a more modern aesthetic. In her art an evident love of the outdoors resonates, especially here in the mountains. 

Creativity plus experimentation work to inspire each piece. Many are peppered with a good bit of luck! Knowing when to toss or continue, to add more or not is key. Layering simple design to dramatic effect, with an eye for colour and balance all work together to create each compelling image.

The serendipity of the pieces done in alcohol ink create delightful results. Abstracts in strong hues emerge, images bring outer space to mind.

Further inspiration comes from nature and the appeal of landscapes in art. Some appear in abstract form, others owe their success to simplicity of design. This diverse range of work is an opportunity to showcase the unexpected to our community.

Peggy Black moved to Fernie in July of 2013. A diploma in Fashion Design and Merchandising led to a 33 year career of owning and operating a very successful high end women’s wear store called Hall and Rae in Regina, Saskatchewan. Merchandising, window design, and display were her strongest attributes.

In 2005 she earned a diploma in Professional Design and Decorating through Sheffield School of Interior Design. While managing Hall & Rae, she worked in this field until retirement.

In January 2016, Peggy presented a show at the Arts Station called Abstract Thoughts. 

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