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Fernie Bike Park Ranks in the Top 5 of Western Canada

Tuesday • April 15, 2014

The MTBparks Best Bike Parks Rider Survey results are in and Fernie Alpine Resort has been named in the Top 5 Bike Park in Western Canada!

MTBparks Reveals the Best Mountain Bike Parks in North America
MTB Parks - North America's Mountain Bike Resort Website

Last summer, there was a surge of "Best Bike Park" articles circulating around the Internet. And as it normally goes with all things found online, each article seemed to draw a spark of controversy amongst the vocal riders who would comment about how each article had completely missed the mark, excluded an obvious choice and so on. Regardless of each article’s rankings, there was one constant: they always got riders talking—passionately—about their favorite bike parks, which ones were missed and which ones should have been included. 


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