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Tourism Master Plan for Fernie

Saturday • February 2, 2019

Building a Tourism Master Plan (TMP) for Fernie. Scheduled for completion spring 2020.

Go to official website for the Tourism Master Plan for Fernie

A Tourism Master Plan Task Force is working together to oversee the process with a professional tourism consultant from Whistler Centre of Sustainability who will conduct the research, stakeholder engagement and develop the plan.  

A TMP should set the long-term course for all stakeholders, provide strategic direction and advise all major decisions.

Samples from other BC destinations:

Fernie's Value of Tourism

Videos on the importance of tourism - Vancouver Island -

In decades’ past, when the tourism landscape was less cluttered, it was possible for destinations to solely market their product or attraction and attain some level of success.  In today’s highly competitive tourism marketplace, it is highly advantageous for all the stakeholders within a destination to work to towards common goals.  This means, not only promoting the destination, but planning, funding, and governing it as well.  All stakeholders need to be rowing in the same direction to be successful in today's world. 

A Tourism Master Plan for Fernie should be a minimum of 10 years in length and include all stakeholders and especially those that are governing, funding, building and marketing the destination. The Tourism Master Plan should consult, advise on and be integrated into other community plans – City of Fernie's Official Community Plan, Fernie's Resort Municipality Initiatives Resort Development Strategy, Tourism Fernie Strategic Plan, Chamber of Commerce plans, Visitor Centre strategies, and tourism-related plans by additional groups such as the Fernie Trails Alliance, Arts Station, Museum, Nordic Society, Snowmobile Association and others.

TMP Funding Partners:

  • Tourism Fernie - $10,000+ project management
  • City of Fernie - $10,000
  • Fernie Chamber of Commerce - $2,000
  • Regional District of East Kootenay - $2,000
  • Columbia Basin Trust - $20,000

For more information please contact Jikke Gyorki, Executive Officer at Tourism Fernie by calling 250-423-2037.


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