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Friday • September 13, 2019

Fernie Trails Update for Fall 2019 – Where to Go & Temporary Closures

A variety of local trail notices and updates have caused the need to clarify the current situation for this summer season.  Trails in Fernie are extensive, cherished and a critical part of what Fernie is well known for. Though 2019 will experience a few interruptions most trails are accessible to mountain bike, walk and hike!   Continue below for current details and updates, it's long but important :-)

Trailforks Trail Report


  • Most mountain bike trails are easily accessible from town without the need to drive to the trailhead.
  • Many of Fernie’s trails are on private land with land use agreements in place that allow locals and visitors to enjoy them. Please respect these permissions and all trail-use ethics.
  • The best online source of current trail information, updates and mapping is through the Fernie Trails Alliance website and through Trailforks.
  • You can also download the Trailforks App to use it on your mobile device while out on the trails. It will show you where you are on a GPS based map while providing trail updates.
  • View the general Fernie Trail Map PDF to understand where the below areas are located.
  • Stop by local sport/recreation shops for additional information, weekly group trail rides and your biking and hiking needs. Shops are located downtown on 2nd Avenue: The Guide’s Hut, Gearhub, Straightline, Ski Base, Edge of the World, Commit, Boardstiff and Elevation.
  • Wildlife notices: and



2019 Trail Updates:

RIDGEMONT – 14 Trails


This is private land owned by Ridgemont Holdings


The trail crews have done a fantastic job getting these trails open so quickly. Currently only partially clear to ride as they continue to work clean up other remaining trails.

The following trails are open:

Kiddy Up, Kiddy Down, What's Up Dock, Lower Eco-Terrorist, Queen V, Sidewinder, Brad's Gay Trail, Deadfall, Broken Derailleur, Branch A Road, Space Unicorn, Coal Creek Heritage Trail, FloWrkr

MONTANE – 6 Trails


This is private land owned by Parastone Development. This specific trail area, and Montane Hut, are managed and maintained by the Fernie Trails & Ski Touring Club

NOTE: Fires are not allowed outside the hut.


Beginner and intermediate trails for hiking, biking and walking. Includes a wide, gravel ‘Inclusive Trail’ to Montane Hut with a maximum grade of 5%.

Ride from town to access these trails. If you have to drive, park (limited parking) at the Coal Creek bridge parking area just down Coal Creek Road.




This is private land owned by Canwel


Advanced trails for mountain biking

Adjacent to Ridgemont Trails and outside of the main affected area, many of these trails are open such as Contra, FloWrkr, however Big Money has been affected and there may be new access routes. Check Trailforks.



This is private land owned by Canwel



Intermediate to advanced biking and hiking trails such as Hyper Ventilation, Hyper Extension, Castle Rocks and the popular new trail Today’s Special.

Ride from town to access these trails. If you have to drive, park (limited parking) at the Coal Creek bridge parking area just down Coal Creek Road.



This is private land owned by Canwel


Advanced mountain biking trails such as 48-Hours and Dirt Diggler, primarily shuttle downhill trails.

Three Kings, 48 Hours, Dopamine & Blue Matador are rideable, The lower part of Dirt Diggler was impacted by logging and re-routing part of the trail took place. Al Matador may still be closed for a big overhaul. Check Trailforks for updates.

NOTICE: BC Hydro will be doing work at their station on top of Morrissey Ridge in August & September, parking will be limited and larger vehicles may be on the access road up to the Ridge, please drive with caution. Trails will still be accessible.

MT PROCTOR – 7 Trails

The area around Swine Flu, Far Side are cattle grazing areas with special restrictions such as no dogs allowed



Beginner to advanced mountain biking and hiking trails such as Fairy Creek Falls and Swine Flu. Note there is a new start for Swine Flu

Full Mt Proctor backcountry hiking trail is accessible June to September via Fairy Creek Falls Trail.



Primarily public/crown land or Provincial park lands.


Beginner to advanced hiking and mountain biking trails including Sherwoody, Stove and Slunt Trails.

Note for fall season starting September 30, Mt Fernie Provincial Park Campground will continue its road improvements and campsite expansions, please use caution during these times. Parking areas and some trailheads may be affected and rerouted during these times. Camping only between June 1 - Sept 29th this season.

Mt Fernie trails are easily accessible by bike from town.

ISLAND LAKE LODGE – 15 Hiking Trails, 1 MTB Trail


This is private land owned by Island Lake Resorts Group, with day-use public access during open season in summer.

OPEN Daily until October 7 

When mountain biking Lazy Lizard Trail please bike to the trailhead when possible due to limited parking at the Lodge.

Lazy Lizard is a two-way trail, beware of uphill and downhill riders.



Mix of City-owned and maintained, private land and public/crown land.

OPEN with some interruptions: 

Parts of Coal Discovery Trail/Town Loop just below Ridgemont are not accessible until further notice due to the logging access to Ridgemont area.

The Community Dyke Trail/Town Loop by the North Fernie Bridge and around Maiden Lake will begin to have interruptions and some closures starting August till end of October for flood mitigation work by the City of Fernie to extend and raise the dyke.  This will mean access to Maiden Lake will be closed off sometime late August. More Details


Primarily on public/crown land with a portion of Heiko’s Trail on Island Lake Lodge property.

OPEN  late June to mid-September (due to snow and poor weather, spring and fall travel on this trail is not recommended)

Island Lake Lodge offers professional guiding on Heiko’s Trail -


 For further details and updates contact locally:

  1. Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) –
    1. FTA FB Page:
    2. Trail Conditions & Ride Group Page:
  2. Fernie Mountain Bike Club (FMBC) –
  3. City of Fernie – or call 250-423-2245
  4. Fernie Trails & Ski Touring Club -
  5. Fernie Alpine Resort – or call 250-423-4655
  6. Island Lake Lodge – or call 250-423-3700
  7. Mt Fernie Provincial Park –
  8. Fernie Visitor Centre – or call 778-519-0748






Fernie Map from TrailForks

Faded pink area shows the Ridgemont Trail area closure.  Tons of trails still accessible in Fernie!



Suggested Fernie 2019 Mountain Biking Routes

Easy / Very Beginner (all gravel or dirt trails/paths):

  • Inclusive Trail in Montane – a wide gravel gentle path up to Montane Hut and back, the easiest access is from the back of the Montane Residential Subdivision (end of Montane Parkway)
  • Community Town Trails along the river – access from various locations include Annex Park, James White Park, behind Bridge Bistro Restaurant and Dogwood Boat Launch


  • Coal Creek Heritage Trail - access from Fernie Aquatic Centre, trail continues parallel to Coal Creek Road.
  • Lazy Lizard Trail – starts from Island Lake Lodge’s lower parking lot on Mt Fernie Park Road. Easy to bike to from town.


  • Montane Blue – Lower Uprooted – For Evyr (then 2 options): 1) Down to Montane Hut – Montane Blue back to Coal Creek Road Parking area by Red Barn, or 2) Old Roots – Uprooted – Lower Uprooted back to Coal Creek Road Parking area by Red Barn
  • Mt Fernie: Gorby – Old Goat – Happy Gilmar – Ben Emmet – Sherwoody

Advanced XC:

  • Trail to Ale Challenge: Project 9, Swine Flu and Hyper Vent/Ext in 24 hours – or just do one on its own.
  • Mt Fernie: Phat Bastard – Mushroom Head – Lactic Ridge – Stupid Traverse – S-Bomb/Slunt/Brokeback

Downhill MTB:

  • Morrissey Ridge: Three Kings or 48 Hours
  • Fernie Ridge: CONTRA Flow Trail
  • Fernie Alpine Resort Bike Park (open June 22nd)

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