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  • Heiko's Trail
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  • Heiko's Trail / Mountain Lakes Trail
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The most epic of hikes in Fernie and definitely one activity to add to your 'to do' list.

Difficulty Level:  Very difficult
Hiking Time: 8-12 hours
Length: 21km Point-to-Point
Maximum Elevation: 2286m
Minimum Elevation: 1400m
Elevation Gain: 1200 vertical metres over 2 mountain passes

Topographic Maps: 082G065 & 082G055 (View and download via BC Government website)

Don't forget to pick up a Fernie Trail Map before your hike. TrailForks users can track their progress and location along this hike, if they have GPS on their mobile device, using the Trailforks app, and the route for Heiko's Trail.

NOTE: There are no services or specific camping areas along this trail but tenting should only be near the pit toilet area. This trail is recommended as a full day hike.  'No Trace' backcountry wilderness tenting is permitted. Be prepared for wildlife encounters and weather changes. There could still be snow at higher elevations, even into July, and snow can easily return as early as the start of September.  Two pit toilets were installed in 2019, one at the eastern trailhead and one along the trail, bring your own TP.


Waterfalls, caves, cliff walls, big mountain passes, canyons, mountain meadows, wildlife and more. A night of wilderness 'No Trace' camping makes this a fantastic backcountry experience and splits the hike into two easier days, especially if you want to add hiking up to Three Sisters or Mt Fernie Ridge (from Windy Pass). Interested in having a professional hiking guide take you (day trip hike only)? Island Lake Lodge offers this great experience - Guided Hiking Tour by Island Lake Lodge

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About Heiko's Trail

This trail is typically hikable starting mid-late June to mid-September, depending on spring snow levels and early snowfalls. Best time of year is July & August. If you do hike the trail into September/October be aware of the limited amount of daylight hours that time of year and weather changes (it's always a few degrees cooler up there than in town, so it could snow if it's colder and wet). There is a defined singletrack trail the entire way, however in rocky/slate rock sections be sure to look for where the trail continues. Carry a topo map and compass to help if and when needed. Trailforks app is a great tool but relies on your cell phones GPS and battery power (not cellular connection).

This is a one-way trail, best when started from Hartley Lake Road and ending at Island Lake Lodge, but can be done in reverse. You will need to arrange for someone to drive you (pick up) to the trailheads or to do a vehicle drop. Check out this blog about hiking Heiko's Trail!

  • A full day excursion starting early in the day. Allow a minimum of 7.5 hours for those hiking steadily with minimal stops, plan for 10+ hours otherwise, not including vehicle shuttle/pick up to trailheads.
  • You can overnight along the trail in the alpine meadow areas close to the trail junction to Three Sisters and Island Lake Lodge. This is wild backcountry with no services. Ensure No Trace Camping by packing out all you pack in! Use existing firepits, and refrain from building new pits.
  • There is access to water via mountain streams are along the first half of the trail before reaching the Mount Bisaro alpine meadows. Sources of water between the Three Sisters Trail and Island Lake Lodge is very limited. A stream is can be found in the Fairly Creek Meadows, but be aware that water flow may be low to non-existent in the later season (mid-August). We recommend that collected water is filtered before consumption.
  • High level of fitness and some basic route-finding skills required

From Hartley Lake Road: An initial short hike through the forest is followed by a steep section up a headwall past waterfalls and the Bisaro Mountain Cave (aka Bisaro But Beautiful Cave, as known to the Alberta Speleological Society, AB/BC Cave Rescue Group and as listed in the book Caves of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains).

After gaining the headwall there is a moderate section up the alpine meadows under the south face of Mount Bisaro to the west ridge of Three Sisters Mountain. A steep descent down to Fairy Creek Meadows is followed by another climb to Windy Pass on the northern flank of Mount Fernie. Another long descent and traverse along the west flank of Mount Fernie ends at the top of Tamarack Trail overlooking Cedar Valley. The final 4 kilometres is a steep and loose descent down to Island Lake Lodge.

As with any trip into the backcountry be well prepared for changes in weather. Remember that you are travelling in an area where wildlife is abundant. Be aware of your surrounding, follow the proper safety protocols and respect the environment.

Trailhead Access

It is recommended to have two shuttle vehicles for this hike, as one can be left at the trailhead and the other at the finish. Or have someone drive you to the trailhead and pick you up at the end. Most hikers suggest starting at Hartley Lake Road and finishing at Island Lake Lodge. The valley views become more spectacular as you head to Island Lake Lodge and hikers can finish at the lodge restaurant for an apres-hike dinner when open.

  • Hartley Lake Road Access ( smartphone app works great for access directions and hiking trail directions)
    We recommend hikers planning to hike southbound to Island Lake Lodge to access the trailhead via this route. Drive 5.3 kilometres east on Hwy 3 from the north-east end of Fernie and turn left onto Dicken Road. After 600 metres turn right up Hartley Lake Road (not signed, yard on each side of the road) and drive another 15 kilometres on this windy dirt road that climbs past Hartley Lake. Continue on this road and just after your second left you will see a trail marker post. Turn left, it is highly recommended that you park at the first lot and hike the 2.5 km to the main trailhead. If you have knowledge of driving rough backcountry roads and have a 4x4 vehicle with high clearance, you may continue on a further 2.5km to the last parking lot/main trailhead, note that this section of narrow backcountry dirt road is rutted with some deep puddles. The shrubs on this section of old rough road can scratch your vehicle. There is a large trail sign showing the elevation of the trail at the second lot, where Mountain Lakes/Heiko's Trail actually starts. There is a pit toilet at the trailhead.
  • Island Lake Lodge Access
    Head 2.4km west out of Fernie on Highway 3 over the West Fernie Bridge. As you approach the Stanford Hotel, turn right at the Mount Fernie Provincial Park/Island Lake Lodge sign, and proceed through the park. Continue on the dirt road until you reach the lodge. (Approx. 7 km from Prov Park campground). Follow Tamarack Trail up until it connects to the start of Heiko's Trail.

**Due to elevation & seasonal conditions, this trail is recommended from mtid-June to early-September. Please take great care when hiking in shoulder season and be prepared for snow, ice and extreme temperature changes, and daylight hours. 
**Please note that the Island Lake Lodge gate is only open during their summer operating season, Mid-June to early October. If you hike out via Island Lake Lodge outside of these dates, please add an additional 7km (approx) to hike to the gate/parking area located approx 2km north of Mt Fernie Provincial Park.

**Permits are not required for this hike. Wilderness 'no trace' camping is permitted; please respect the backcountry and pack out anything you pack in, including all waste items. 


0.0 km (1400m) Trailhead at the end of Sulphur Creek Road
2.0 km (1560m) Bisaro Mountain Cave
7.0 km (2280m) West Ridge junction with Three Sisters Trail
10.0 km (1905m) Fairy Creek Meadows
12.0 km (2135m) Windy Pass, junction with Mt Fernie Ridge Trail
16.0 km (1940m) Top of Tamarack Trail
20.0 km (1385m) Island Lake Lodge


Finished in 2003, Heiko’s Trail was built by one of Fernie’s renowned residents, Heiko Socher, who moved to Fernie as a forestry manager and was integral in the foundation of Fernie Alpine Resort in 1964.

He spent the rest of his life in Fernie active in the community until he passed away on October 8th, 2016. In 2017, 'Heiko's Trail'–the trail he had dedicated many years to–and the Mountain Lakes Trail were officially combined and renamed as Heiko's Trail.

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