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5 Early Season Hikes to do this Spring

We can nearly hear our feet rejoice as we slide out of our stiff ski boots and straight back into hiking footwear ready to chase the fresh spring air and sunshine.

While it will take a good few more months for the winter snowpack to melt and fully unveil Fernie's goliath multiuse trail network for all, there are a few hiking routes that are accessible without snowshoes as early as mid-April.

Here are our 5 top pick hiking trails you can take on during your spring mountain getaway to Fernie.

Fairy Creek Falls  

Spring time sees a torrential flow of snowmelt charging down the valley towards Fairy Creek Falls. The sound of crashing water slowly builds to a deathening crecendo as you make the final approach to the waterfall. You may want to pack a waterproof outer layer for this one as the mist of water can carry some distance down the creek. This out and back trail is great for the whole family with minimal elevation change and can be hiked within an hour and a half to two hours.

Swine Flu 

Not too far away from the Fairy Creek trail head is an alternative hike great for those looking for more of a physical challenge. The climb up Swine Flu trail is part of the even grander Mt. Proctor loop (definitely a hike for one for the summer to-do list). Don't let the unappetizing name deter you from this fantastic hike with a stellar overlooking to Fernie and the Lizard Range.

Mt. Fernie Midway 

Mt. Fernie is one of the first big peaks you can conquer in late-spring thanks to the trail's south facing aspect. You can get a good idea how accessible the 'summit' is from town by looking at the amount of snow in the right side chutes running down from the ridge top. If there's too much snow you probably don't want to be traversing across the chutes. However, the midway bench is still worth the trip to get the early season hiking legs moving again.

Montane Trails 

There are multiple routes from the Montane Barn to viewpoint at the Hut. For casual hikers looking for an Instaworthy photo spot, Easy Beaver is our recommendation. It has been laid out to make it accessible for all trail users whilst being immersed in scenic valley views along the way.

Hyperventilation Bench/Castle Mountain  

This trail has two breathtaking viewpoints which you can conquer depending on how your cardio-levels are feeling. Hint: the trail is called Hyperventilation for a very good reason. The first bench viewpoint overlooks Fernie Alpine Resort and the Lizard Valley towards Island Lake Lodge. Keep grinding on up to Castle Rock for even more vistas overlooking Fernie, and towards Hosmer. Both options are equally worth a day's labour.

If these trail options got your excited for more, just remember this is only a snippet of the hiking adventures Fernie has on offer. Check out our Multi-use Trail map below or read about the top 10 hikes in Fernie for even more inspiration.

Fernie, BC Summer Hiking & Biking Trail Map

Supporting Fernie's Trail System

Trails in and around Fernie are as prevalent and deeply rooted as the area's history. Most of them are maintained by volunteers through multiple trail organizations. 

Be sure to purchase trail passes and/or donate to the various trail organizations to show your love and appreciation for all the hard work they do so that visitors and local alike can continue enjoying Fernie's outdoors.

Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA)

Coal Creek Heritage Society (CCHS)

Fernie Mountain Bike Club (FMBC)

We always love to see what outdoor adventures you all get up to in Fernie. Tag #ferniestoke to feature in our visitor galleries.