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  • Matheson Falls

Matheson Falls is one natural beauty that needs a little adventure spirit to find.

With soft moss-coated rocks surrounding the spectacular cascading waters, it's virtually impossible to get a bad photo here.

Distance: 2.5km round trip

Time: 15-20 minutes each way

The best time to visit the falls is after spring run-off in mid-July to about the end of October before the snow falls. This route is fairly flat and easy to navigate, but I would not recommend it for younger children since there are many areas of walking through knee-deep running water/slippery rocks. Having a good pair of water shoes is also a good idea because walking through the creek is unavoidable. There are no facilities here, this is a spot favoured by locals, please be respectful.

Getting there

1. Drive down Coal Creek Road for approximately 9km. Once you go past the yellow mileage 41 Marker on your right-hand side, you will cross a small bridge.

2. Immediately, after the bridge, the path starts on your right-hand side. There is a small pull out to the left of the bridge where you can park your car.

3. Follow the path, which runs parallel to the left of the creek.

4. The path will soon end at the water; from there on you will have to walk up the creek. You can find various trail sections on the right of the creek, so I would recommend crossing from the left of the creek to the right to avoid walking in the water the entire time.

5. After about 15-20 minutes of walking, you will end up at the base of Matheson Falls.

Please be mindful that the road access is private and active logging vehicles may be in operating in the area. Be consious of all users when parking, and be respectful of this hidden oasis. Pack out whatever you packed in.

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