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  • Sunday • March 12, 2017
  • 9:00 pm
  • In Town

All over the world people unleash their inner sparkles and fabulous for the infamous GERMAN SPARKLE PARTY!

$2 cover

See the Royal transform into a glittery wonderland where anything goes in a night of debauchery and hip-thrusting. Don your most outrageous outfit, grab your rubber boots and party pants, set the makeup gun to "whore", and prepare to glitter glitter glitter all night long! FREEBOOTER on the decks dropping tunes to start a fire in your pants, and everyone in Fernie going mental for this very special night. It's a sight to behold... and the Royal will be coated in glitter for months afterward!

Don't hold back... watch this for inspiration!

Weekly events at the Royal: 

Monday: Now open from 10pm! Free Pool | Spiced Rum Specials
Tuesday: Shotgun Karaoke with TOPO | $5 Jameson
Wednesday: Jam Night with Zak & $5 Tall boys | Old Mil & PBR
Thursday: Local DJ night with Flatspin & Riley J (alternate weeks) | $4.50 Gin
Friday/Saturday: Live bands/DJ's - see events calendar for details! | $4.50 Rye on Fridays and $4.50 Vodka on Saturdays


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