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  • Tom Green's Snow Jam
  • Live music at the Northern Bar & Stage
  • Thursday • February 16, 2017
  • 9:00 pm
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Yes - that Tom Green! Live, loud and unlimited, right here in Fernie. Tickets are bound to sell fast for this one! 

Legendary Canadian entertainer Tom Green is rolling through ski towns this winter with his Multi-Media Snowboard Comedy Hip-Hop JAM. Special Guests DJ Vinyl Richie & Comedian Patrick Coppolino are on board and we're stoked bring the craziness to The Northern!

First 50 Advance tickets: $30 + fee 
Remaining tickets $40 + fee

This is gonna be a crazy night of comedy, hip hop, and nuttiness - don't miss out!

  • Did you know a teenaged Tom Green was nominated for a Juno award in 1992 for the Canadian chart-topping rap single “Check the O.R.”?
  • Did you know Tom Green is the only Canadian ever to host “Saturday Night Live,” guest-host David Letterman’s “Late Show,” and appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?
  • Did you know Tom Green created a new kind of video comedy that became a smash hit on MTV and has been copied by shows like “Jackass,” movies like “Borat,” and much of what we see on YouTube today?
  • Did you know Tom invented the first-ever live-streaming internet talk show “Tom Green Live” in 2005 that led to many of his comedy peers moving into the world of podcasting?
  • Did you know Tom was signed to Tony Hawk’s birdhouse skateboards as a pro skateboarder and is currently an avid snowboarder and action sports enthusiast?
  • Did you know Tom is an actor and director and has appeared in over 20 feature films such as “Freddy Got Fingered,” “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Stealing Harvard,” and more?
  • Did you know Tom Green is one of the great stand-up comedians touring the world today?

“Tom Green’s Multi-Media Snowboard Comedy Hip-Hop JAM” combines all of these talents into one hilarious and incredible monster media explosion!

In February 2016, Tom will be touring British Columbia snowboard resorts and performing live along the way. The live performances will be a mix of his incredible stand-up comedy show and music from his upcoming album on Canada’s 604 Records to be released next year. 

The show will feature Tom performing comedy with a DJ and incorporating hip-hop and rap music into the multi-media event. All of this will be documented with the latest video technology for social media, television, film, and more. On top of this, Tom will be touring with some secret special guests whose names you will recognize. Some of the top snowboarders, rappers, comics and DJ’s in Canada will be along for the ride. It will be snowboarding by day, and performing incredible live shows to packed houses by night! 

Tom’s video crew will document these adventures on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and everywhere in between. Part road trip, part action-sports documentary, part travel show, part hip-hop rock and roll pandemonium! 

Everywhere Tom Green goes, he’s greeted by ecstatic fans that grew up watching him change the face of media as we know it today. Everyone loves Tom! Come along for the ride!

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