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  • Sunday • September 25, 2022
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Open to runners, bikers and walkers, anywhere! Starting 9 AM on Saturday, September 25, the goal is to get outside – solo, with a friend, or safely with your pack. You can choosing either a 1, 3, 6 or 9hr goal.



It's easy, simply register online, then track how many hours you go – with the ability to sign up the entire family, including kids and dogs too; and the goal to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

This challenge is a fundraising initiative for the The Elk Valley Suicide Task Force - who promote awareness, prevention and support for those impacted by suicide in the Elk Valley.

The $10 registration fee for Adults (Kids are free!) will be donated. Plus, there's an opportunity at registration to donate additional funds to this amazing initiative.


Each hour, complete your chosen distance...

RUNNERS - 6km: To stay in the pack, each hour you need to run a 6km loop. Road, trail, flat, or hilly, you just gotta make it back to base in time to go again on the next hour.

BIKERS - 10km: Your 10km loop can be on road, gravel or single track - just ensure you're back in time to go again, on the next hour.

WALKERS - 4km: You decide! Flat, urban, rolling, hilly, you can choose your route - you just need to ensure you're home in time for a break, before heading out again, on the next hour.



TRACK: It's easy, and up to you if you share your results! But if keen, once finished, you can submit your total number of loops/hours and if you like, kms and ascent, in our ONLINE TRACKER.

SHARE: Motivate others and share your adventures on social using #thewolfpack

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