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  • Wednesday • April 1, 2020
  • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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We might not be able to gather, but Hot Dog Day never ends! 

Join the team from the Royal (virtually only!) for a dance party in your living room! The DJ gods will be bringing you all your favourite sounds of Fernie so that you can enjoy Hot Dog Day in your underwear or however you like it! Please don't gather in groups. This video will be streamed so you can enjoy the tunes at home - so crack out your favourite video sharing app, facetime your buddies or have the best solo party ever and dance like there's nobody watching. 


The year is 1984. A pandemic threatens the world, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over the rapidly approaching annual Fernie extravaganza known as HOT DOG DAY. A top-secret team of computer engineers and party technicians have worked desperately around the clock to forge unprecedented communication methods that will allow the event to proceed in a safe, disease-free manner. Their desperate measures have resulted in the creation of a hi-tech system known as "The Internet", that can transmit hi-fidelity audio and video feeds to your very own living room. The future is now, folks.


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  • Virtual Event - enjoy from the comfort of your own home!