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  • Earthday in Fernie
  • Saturday • April 22, 2017
  • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • In Town

Earth Day is always celebrated in style in Fernie but never as much as when it falls on a Saturday!  

The always anticipated Trashy but Flashy Fashion show only happens if Earth Day falls on a Saturday and luckily for us, this year it does! Join us at the Fernie Community Centre for the return of this great event, and take in a few of the environmental and conservation activities and crafts available too! 


The Trashy but Flashy Fashion Show is a Fernie favourite, with a catwalk-style stage, lights, music and an enthusiastic audience setting the atmosphere. Whether you come along to watch or would like to join in with your own garment, this is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy.  

Registration forms are available online and at various locations in Fernie but here is your notice to start thinking and collecting your materials. Your stunning outfit must be upcycled from recyclable items or plain old garbage. Whatever you use to get it to stay together is up to you and can be glue, thread, tea bag strings, used duct tape, the tuct tape holding the typar on your house, you name it. Challenge your travel buddies, your neighbour, workmates, pastor, or pet sitter to the Trashy but Flashy challenge.

Bragging rights and cash prizes are ready to bestow!


  • Paper Doll Dress Up
    • Trace your own body and then choose from a myriad of reused, recycled or found materials to decorate yourself! Be as imaginative as you can be in the creative chaos! 
    • Kick off your day with the Trash Bash Challenge. Find an outdoor area that you love to visit and take the initiative to clean up - visitors are extra welcome to help keep Fernie pristine! Grab your friends and family and get outside to make a difference. Take a photo and post it to the Earth Day Fernie Facebook page, earthdayfernie with hashtag #TrashBashChallenge. With your post, include how many bags, how many people and how much time you spend cleaning up. Prizes will be awarded for participation!
    • Grab your camera or cell phone and become part of the Get Wild Challenge. Get outside, take some deep breaths, see the beauty and take some photos. Share your great photo-ops on earthdayfernie hashtag #GetWild Challenge. Let us know why you love spending time in nature on Earth Day and why visiting Fernie is extra special! Tell us how much time you spent outside and what you did. At the end of the day, visit our Facebook page to discover what others have done! You might get some great ideas – it’s all good clean FUN! Prizes will be awarded for participating in the Get Wild Challenge!
    • Think you are good with your throwing arm? See how quickly you can separate and sort your paper from your plastics in this fun and interactive sorting challenge. Think of it as a bean bag toss with tin cans.
    • Get ready to garden with the EcoGarden Seed Swap. Bring money to donate for seeds that you take home, or your own locally grown seeds to swap. The Seed Swap will offer information about Seeds of Diversity, a resource of locally grown seeds and local growing information. 4-6pm at the festivities.
    • Do you have apple trees at your vacation property, or do you hold events in Fernie for visiting family, friends, or even a school group?  Wildsight Elk Valley's Apple Capture and Tool Library may be able to help you out! Wildsight's Apple Press (available by donation) allows you to pick, process and even dehydrate the fruit from your apple trees. The Tool Library has dishes, recycling bins, and other goodies that you can check out and use for your next event. For a complete list of available tools and how to access them please visit the Tool Share page. Learn about both of these great initiatives at Earth Day or online!


 And much more! This is just the start of the great events that will be happening at the Fernie Community Centre. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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