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  • Matt Corkum
  • Saturday • October 8, 2022
  • 9:00 am
  • In Town

Join Inclusion Warrior, Matthew Corkum, as he summits his first-ever mountain on October 8th, to raise awareness and funds for adaptive + inclusive activity in the Elk Valley.

Born with spastic cerebral palsy, Matt works to put the ability in disability, sitting on numerous boards that center around inclusion of those with disabilities. An avid biker, many are surprised to hear that Matt’s never summited a mountain before!

Join Matt as he embarks on this Mt. Fernie adventure to encourage inclusion in sport, while helping raise funds for the Elk Valley based organization, Uplift, to create a multi-sport camp for children of all abilities. A portion of the proceeds will also be used to be able to support children in their camps who need one-on-one support.


The hike will begin at the Mt. Fernie Trailhead at 9am on Saturday, October 8th.

Everyone is welcome to hike with Matt!

Following the hike, there will be an apres speaking and Q+A session with Matt at The Fernie Taphouse kicking off at 5pm.

Visit the facebook page for event updates. 


To make a donation to UPLIFT, head to the event’s Go Fund Me page: 


Uplift Association has a vision "to support individuals and families toward independence and their own personal ideas of success, positivity, quality of life and enJOYment" in the Fernie area.




Born with spastic cerebral palsy, throughout Matt’s childhood, he found it hard to fit in and take part in activities with children his age, in turn spending most of his free time on their family farm. In his adult years however, he’s been able to make more friends, learning and participating in a number of activities he didn’t get the chance to take part in as a child. 

Upon earning his PhD in Atmospheric Science in 2013, he moved to Calgary, where through mutual friends, he connected with the Calgary Canucks Rugby Club. Since then, the Calgary Canucks Rugby Club has included Matt in all their club activities, despite his disability. In 2021, Matt played his first game with the Canucks - the first time he ever felt part of a team.

Soon after, in March 2021, Matt connected with Rocky Mountain Adaptive (RMA), an organization based in Canmore that helps teach people of all abilities mountain activities. They took him downhill skiing for the first time, and in just over a year RMA has taken him skiing a total of ten times – so much so, that Matt’s fallen in love with skiing, and now sits as a member of RMA’s Board of Directors to help make sure as many people can enjoy mountain activities as possible.

Now a member of Team FBC 2022, Matt hopes to bring further awareness to adaptive and inclusive activity in the Elk Valley.


“When people with disabilities are included in activities, it not only improves their physical health but their mental health and confidence that they can carry through all parts of their life.

I am looking raise funds by climbing Mt Fernie on October 8, 2022. Those who know me know I cycle a lot and clock thousands of kilometers on my bike each summer, but most are surprised I've never hiked to summit a mountain. This will be my first mountain summit.

The money I raise will help Uplift create a multi-sport camp for children of all abilities. In addition, some of the funds will be used to be able to support children in their camps who may need one on one support.

When everyone is included, everyone wins; let's help the community of Fernie include everyone!”

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