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  • July 28, 2020 thru July 30, 2020
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Learn effective, long-term tools to quiet the mind. 
When we stop looking outside of ourselves to find inner peace—when we stop thinking that the next relationship, the next job, the next purchase, will make us happy—we start looking within for solace.

During our Meditation workshop, we will learn not to try to silence a mind that wants to go in a hundred different directions simultaneously but rather how to sit with and not attach to this chaos.

Meditation opens us to each and every moment of our life. Through this practice, we start to relate to life directly so that we truly experience the present moment free from baggage and anxiety.


7:30-9:30pm:  Intro To Meditation

7:00-9:00am: The Techniques of Meditation
12:00-2:00pm: How to Work Through Your Thoughts

7:00-9:00am: Working With Emotions
11:00-1:00pm: Pranayama—The Breath of Meditation


Cost: $205


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