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  • Friday • March 20, 2020
  • 9:00 pm
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There's nothing funkier than a funky necklace... and there's really no boundaries on what you can turn into a funky necklace either!

Get your glue guns warmed up and your crafting material ready, cause we're bringing The Funky Necklace Party back to Fernie to round out the winter season in style! This is a BYO-Necklace party that everyone can get involved in because there's really no limits on what you can turn into a funky necklace.

Come join Calgary based, good-times party guru Benanas, and the super sticky nomadic producer Super Glue, who’s music sounds as well-traveled as he is!

With these boys on the bill, it's sure to be an awesome event that will have people reminiscing for years to come about that girl who brought an entire watermelon to the club, or that one dude who strung a life-sized cardboard cut-out around his neck.

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