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  • Saturday • June 15, 2019
  • 1:30 pm
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Celebrating the new exhibit, from Geisha to Diva: The Kimono of Ichimaru.

Famed for their elegant shapes and brilliant colouring—everything from peacock blue to tangerine—kimonos are an enduring symbol of the geisha; but there is more to the garments than their admirable style. Woven into the silk or linen of a kimono is the story of the woman who donned it while performing. No story is more captivating than that of Japan’s most sought-after geisha of the 20th century, Ichimaru. Her illustrious life from a geisha to an internationally known and acclaimed singer is the focus of this rare exhibition from the Greater Victoria Art Gallery.

A geisha is a woman highly trained in the arts of music, dance and entertaining, spending years to perfect the various art forms she is required to master. Japanese calligraphy is the art of beautiful, stylized handwriting with a pen or brush and ink. It involves the correct formation of characters, the ordering of the various parts, and the harmony of proportions.

During the demonstration, you can receive a short phrase or your name in Japanese for you to take home with you for a donation of $5.

This exhibit is on loan from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and has been shown previously at such museums and galleries as the National Geographic Museum (Washington, DC), the Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton), the Audain Gallery (Whistler), and the Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto).


Saturday, June 8th | 1:30PM: Curator's Talk - In the Gallery, entrance free with museum admission

Saturday, June 15th | Art of the Geisha: Calligraphy - In the Gallery, entrance free with museum admission

Tuesday, June 25th | Art of the Geisha Book Club

1:30PM: Discussing Geisha, A life by Mineko Iwasaki. With Gideon Fujiwara, PhD, Asian Studies. At Fernie Heritage Library, admission free
7:00PM: Discussing Memoirs of a Geisha - In the Museum Gallery, entrance free with museum admission

Saturday, July 13th | 1:30PM: Art of the Geisha: Music - In the Gallery, entrance free with museum admission

Saturday, August 17th | 1:30PM: Art of the Geisha: Dance - In the Gallery, entrance free with museum admission

Also in the Gallery, dates TBC: Lantern making, sushi rolling, silk dyeing and more! Contact the museum for details.

Exhibit on display until September 22nd, 2019. Open 7 days, 10 am - 5:30 pm.

Presented by: Fernie Museum | Art Gallery of Greater Victoria | Province of BC | BC Arts Council | Columbia Basin Trust | Kootenay Columbia Cultural Alliance |  Park Place Lodge | Yamagoya

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